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New Year Resolutions

By now you should be up and flying into the vastness of the new year. Of course, you are simultaneously recovering from 2017 and focusing your attention on some new frontiers.

The reason that tonic herbs have been consumed by sages throughout recorded history is that tonic herbs support transformation, physical development and psychic growth. Tonic herbs are not the herbs used to treat problems. They are the herbs that build up your inner power, your resilience, your joy of living, and your power to strive and succeed.

This is exactly the time of year when tonic herbs are best utilized. They are protective and empowering. Great quality herbs have enduring benefits and by taking them when you’re in launch mode, you greatly heighten your chance to attain orbit and succeed with your wonderful yet daunting New Year’s resolutions.

Of course, we have no idea what your personal New Year’s resolutions are - but whatever they are, Chinese tonic herbs can support your efforts. This is not a sales pitch. This is the very most fundamental nature of tonic herbs and what they are used for. Every Taoist that ever lived in Asia consumed tonic herbs regularly, if not daily, to protect themselves and to support their vitality (Jing, Qi and Shen) so that they could succeed on the very rigorous path of spiritual and physical attainment (which Taoists called the Path to Immortality).

Facts of Life

When you’re going through a rough patch, you MUST keep a positive attitude and focus on turning “lemons into lemonade.” But in my opinion, that’s not quite enough. If you’re going to “make lemonade,” why not take it to another level – “add ginseng” to the lemonade and convert it into an elixir.

Our Dragon Herbs council of wisewomen and wisemen have developed a short list of very realistic and possibly profound new start of New Year’s resolutions that we feel we can truly help our clients achieve. Over the next week, we’re offering 5 resolutions that you may deeply relate to, along with the tonic herbs and superfoods that can support your path all the way to completion and beyond, plus the mind-food to help your resolution manifest in abundance.

Take a look and see if we make sense...

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Release that which has been holding you back. Buddha was one of the first to focus on letting go as a path to enlightenment. “Let go. Surrender to the infinite order of the universe.” Letting go is a fundamental principle of growth and attainment. In “letting go of that which has been holding you back,” you can move forward unhindered. To the degree that you are capable of letting go, you can attain higher and higher levels of whatever you are doing. Letting go is an art that masters of life master. Letting go must be the first step on your new journey, whatever that may be. If you don’t, or cannot “let go”, it is like driving a car with your emergency brake on – you won’t go far, you’ll go slowly and you’ll burn out before reaching your goal.

Many tonic herbal formulas can support “letting go and moving forward.” If you are already on a full Three Treasures tonic program, you may already be on the path of wisdom and life cultivation in a relatively unhindered way. If not, here are our four suggestions:

Will Strengthener

Buy Will Strengthener Capsules

Will Strengthener is based on an ancient Zen (Taoist and Buddhist combined) formula for strengthening will power. It may seem odd that a formula was used to strengthen this fundamental human emotional power, but Chinese tonic herbs are just that elevated. It was traditionally used by neophytes entering into a new path to help them drop their old bad habits and to have the enduring psychic force to persevere on a new path. That’s exactly the power you will need to succeed with your New Year’s resolution.

Healer's Tea

Buy Healer's Tea Capsules   Buy Healer's Tea eeTee

Healer’s Tea is an ancient herbal/mineral formulation that is used to quickly restore inner power after a period of draining. It is called “Healer’s Tea” because it was classically consumed on a daily basis by those who engaged in healing practices such as caregiving and those offering healing services. Caregiving and healing services (such as massage-giving or Reiki-style channeling drain the body and mind of some energy, gradually reducing vitality and inner power (life force). Healer’s Tea was developed by Taoist masters to quickly and fully restore this energy. However, Healer’s tea is not just for “healers.” It can be used by anyone to help restore full inner power and rejuvenate outward vitality. It is made from five natural ingredients: Dendrobium pods, Goji berries, Schizandra berries, Licorice root and trace minerals, blended together by an ancient process. Now it is available as an instant tea (eeTee) that you can make in 30 seconds and consume for the first few weeks of the Chinese New Year to rejuvenate, from the inside out.

Tao in a Bottle

Buy Tao in a Bottle Packets   Buy Tao in a Bottle Capsules

This formula is composed of deeply vitalizing adaptogenic herbs in combination with the unique and powerful constituent from green tea known as L-theanine. The L-theanine promotes calmness and mental stability, and does not cause drowsiness or spacing out like sedative herbs or drugs. It promotes focus, improves concentration and mental endurance. This is why Zen masters drink strong green tea before meditating – the L-theanine promotes mental and psychic power. Meanwhile the adaptogenic herbs help handle the stresses associated with a new learning curve, and the challenges of growing and getting comfortable on a new path or in a new endeavor. Tao in a Bottle is one of Dragon Herbs flagship products, and has been for nearly two decades. It never fails to amaze.

Pick one or pick all three – or go for your resolution without them. There are many paths to the top of the mountain.

31 Tips
You may have this little book already and you may have read it. But if you don’t have it, we’ll send it to you for free with any purchase. Every Dragon Herbs customer gets one free; after that, they are $14.95 per copy.

These are the thirty-one primary practices one should follow in order to achieve glowing health and live a long, successful, happy life. This 45-minute read will awaken you to your own true being and to a flexible path to well-being. Based on Taoist principles of inner power, balance and moderation, this powerful little book encourages and guides you in simple yet profound ways to cultivate your optimal life. This book is essential for anyone on the path to glowing health through the art of life cultivation.

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Let us guess – that was probably on your list already. If not, it should be, unless of course you are already a master athlete or simply have no interest in exercising for a better life.

Tonic herbs have been used to enhance physical power for thousands of years by all classes of workers and athletes. Great warriors and martial artists have made a true art of athlete’s tonic herbalism. Kung Fu masters, ancient generals, Tai Chi masters, travelers, and dancers have all left copious records of their use of tonic herbs to aid in their attainment of physical and mental mastery. Winter Olympics back-to-back Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson is a devoted user of Dragon Herbs tonic formulations and superfoods, and she is an evolved and compassionate human being.

Here are several suggestions that we believe you can benefit from if “exercising more and/or better” are on your New Year’s resolution list:

Gecko Rockclimber Drops

Dragon Herbs notoriously potent athlete’s tonic formulation. It has been used in all the great gyms by big guys, lean guys, the women and men in yoga and spinning classes around the world, trekkers, rock climbers and so on. It builds energy, power, strength, mental power, endurance, lung power and more.

Frame Builder

This formulation is used to fortify your “frame,” your bones and connective tissues. Athletes of course can be prone to injuries to their frame. This formulation, based on an ancient Shaolin (Kung Fu world-central) formulation, can help fortify the frame. It promotes continued and balanced bone renewal. It provides natural nutrition to the connective tissue.

Eucommia Bark Drops

This tincture is a potent restorative to skeletal and connective tissue. It has been THE primary herb for supporting bone and ligament for nearly three thousand years in the Far East. It is a main herb for athletes. It also supports heart health and Jing, the primal energy of the body that is stored in the kidneys, adrenals and bone.

Shaolin Inner Power

Shaolin Inner Power is based on the herbs Shaolin fighting monks and meditative Buddhist monks have consumed for the past fifteen hundred years. It promotes power, energy, wisdom, calm mind, relaxation and heightened spirit. It is one of Dragon Herbs most profound formulation, and it is suitable to every athlete at every level. It comes as an instant granule so that a potent and delicious tea can be prepared in 30 seconds without sacrificing any of the original potency of the superior herbs used to make this formulation.

Athletic Performance Mini Dragon Drops Pack

Dragon Herbs tinctures (“Drops”) are famous around the world for their quality and potency. This “Mini Drops Pack” contains six ¼ ounce dropper bottles. With the “6-pack,” you can sample six of Dragon Herbs’ primary athletes’ formulations: Changbai Mountain Deer Antler Drops, Changbai Mountain Ant Drops, Cultured Cordyceps Drops, Eleuthero Drops, Eucommia Bark Drops, Gecko Rockclimber Drops.

Cultured Cordyceps Drops

Cultured Cordyceps is an excellent modern innovation that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of one of the world’s greatest tonic herbs at a very reasonable price. Wild Cordyceps, from the Himalayas, is very expensive – arguably the most expensive herb in the world, costing as much as $30,000 a pound. Cultured mushroom is often grown on animal products such as silkworms or on soy and wheat meal. Our Dragon Herbs cultured Cordyceps mushroom is grown on brown rice and chemical free. It is delicious. And most importantly, it has potent functionality. It is a premium tonic herb. It is perfect for day to day use in your smoothie, blender drink, tonic tea or any other way you like to consume it.

Tonic Alchemy

Every athlete NEEDS complete, deep nutrition and herbal support. This is Winter Olympics Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson’s go-to daily superfood. Ninety-one organic and wild crafted superfoods, organic veggies, sea veggies, sprouts, tonic herbs, tonic mushrooms, grasses, probiotics, etc. A tablespoon a day in a liquid of your choice feeds every cell of your body thousands of phytonutrients, cofactors, enzymes and so on.

The Dharma Patch

The Dharma Patch from Shaolin Shifu Wang Bo is made for the Shaolin Temple and distributed under the auspices of Wang Bo in America. Dragon Herbs is honored to distribute this wonderful, amazing, world-class healing patch. It is for athletes who get banged up or who experience soreness after exercising. It is made from two dozen herbs that have been used by Shaolin fighting monks for the past fifteen hundred years to relieve their aches, strains, pains, twists and contusions. The Dharma Patch offers profound instant and long-term relief.

Take a Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi is a wonderful form of physical and spiritual exercise. Of course, it is quite different from the gym and most martial arts, from swimming and hiking, from snowboarding or tennis and so on. EVERYONE should learn Tai Chi to perfect your body, mind and spirit. In a matter of weeks you can learn an art that will last you until you are a hundred years old, an exercise routine you will be able to do forever, anywhere, and that will keep you limber, strong, aware and growing.
Take a Tai Chi Class

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Even if you consume an excellent diet rich in veggies, you STILL probably are not feeding every cell of your body adequately. Your body is extremely complex, and there are thousands of “pathways” and “metabolic reactions” that must occur literally every moment of your life. These activities require energy, amino acids, polyphenols, carbohydrates, all kinds of cofactors, macro- and trace-minerals (everything the ocean has to offer), and much more – albeit generally in small amounts. There have been studies that indicate that NOBODY is perfectly nourished, but it is possible to supplement your already perfect (or not-so-perfect) diet with some supplements that can improve your diet and take your health to the “glowing” stage.

Meanwhile, if your diet is NOT so perfect, try Will Strengthener, Tao in a Bottle, and follow Tip #8 of 31 Tips (your Life Cultivation guidebook, free with any order during this Chinese New Year’s New Start Resolutions/Your Health Deserves Cultivation month of February). Dragon Herbs offers a few things that may make sense to you. Here are a few things we suggest:


Consuming superfoods every day is a profound way to improve your diet without too much stress and fretting. Superfoods are by definition Nature’s superior foods. They pack extremely high nutritional and protective value into small mouthfuls. Here are a few of our most sincere suggestions. Click here to go to "Superfoods" section of our digital catalog that provides you with even more sublime options.

What Are “Superfoods?"

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of plants, fungi and animals on earth and some of them are edible by humans. Often, only a part of a plant, mushroom or animal is edible, or different parts have different meanings and value in terms of food. For example, meat and milk both come from cattle, but they are very different foods. Humans have discovered tens of thousands of foods, most of which provide some valuable nutrition, or at least taste benefit. Mankind has attempted to master these sources of food by collecting the wild varieties and learning how to cultivate them, preserve them, and serve them in a palatable manner.

Over the last century, one that has been dominated by an attempt to feed the growing masses through an industrialized process, the variety of raw materials available has generally declined in favor of the limited number of standardized “basics” that the food industry could grow in abundance and market to a receptive public.

These basics only number in the dozens. Beef, chicken, turkey and pig; wheat, rice, corn, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, a few beans, celery; sugar from various sources, chocolate, coffee; milk, cheese and butter; apples, oranges and bananas; salt and pepper; and a few dozen others have become the staples of the modern Western diet.

As wonderful as these foods may be when they are wild-collected or properly (naturally) grown and properly prepared (not destroyed in the process of preparing and storing them), most of these foods have been diminished and butchered into foods that lack real nutritional value. There has been a movement over the past couple of decades to get back to better foods, but most modern people still lack knowledge of many of the truly great “superfoods” that had been hidden from our view for decades or that we were never aware of in the first place because they were not part of our culture.

Some foods stand out as having more nutritional benefit than most others. Some provide an extremely wide range of nutrients and some provide spectacular constituents that foster longevity and radiant health beyond that of normal dietary ingredients. These are the “superfoods.”

Of the tens of thousands of foods consumed by humans, the hundred or so foods with the highest nutritional impact on our lives are known as “superfoods.”

Consider adding superfoods

Tonic Alchemy
If you consume a tablespoon or two of Tonic Alchemy® per day, you are profoundly improving your diet, no matter what else you do. This blend of 91 superfoods, gathered from mountains and forests and seas around the world provides extraordinary nutrition to every cell of your body. Even people who live very demanding lives (like Olympian Jamie Anderson, who eats an almost Godly perfect diet) feel that Tonic Alchemy takes their diet to another level that they can feel.

Jamie Anderson

I would be surprised if anybody consumes something from all of the major superfood categories every day without fail. It’s just too difficult to do that in our modern world where we’re all so busy. And this is exactly why Tonic Alchemy® is so valuable. It’s easy to make a drink once or even twice a day – it only takes a minute, especially if you use a mini blender – and in so doing you are consuming vital nutrition that you cannot get anywhere else, especially in one convenient drink. And it’s easy to enhance your Tonic Alchemy® experience by adding other ingredients to the mix (especially if you have a mini-blender), including additional fresh or frozen fruits and nutritional and herbal powders and tinctures.

So, even if you are one of those very conscious individuals who eats very well, you cannot go wrong by consuming Tonic Alchemy® every day. You will notice the difference. If you are one of those individuals who knows that you are just not eating the best foods possible, Tonic Alchemy® will likely change your life.

Never-Say-Die is one of the supreme products offered by Dragon Herbs. It is made from 64 wild Asian herbs, superfoods, vegetables and fruits. This thousand-year-old recipe contains one ingredient for each hexagram of the I Ching! The herbs and superfoods in Never-Say-Die are “volunteer plants” that humans cannot kill. Fire, flood, draught, freezing, intense weeding … nothing can stop these never-say-die plants. They have extraordinarily potent life force, so they don’t even have to be cultivated. Many of them are termed “invasive” because they will take over a piece of land, or the side of a mountain.

You WANT this life force in your diet! We generally think of nutrition these days in terms of vitamins, minerals, oils, polyphenols, amino acids, etc. These are important biochemicals that we need. But these “never-say-die” plants are rich in something else – universal power, the Tao! Only wild plants and especially wild “never-say-die” plants can offer such power. How about adding a teaspoon a day of pure life-force to your diet?

Brazilian Magic
This stunning superfood matrix was grown and produced on a hyper-organic farm in the remote Pantanal region of Western Brazil. All 50+ vegetables and fruits in Brazilian Magic are grown in the purest soil on earth with the softest/purest water on earth from an enormous and ancient aquifer beneath the region (filtered through thousands of feet of limestone for at least 30,000 years). All the vegetables and fruits in this superfood are grown biodynamically and then naturally fermented for many months to allow all the nutrition to be released and made bioavailable. There is NO OTHER equivalent superfood on earth. Put a teaspoon in your blender drink every day and you will radiate health!

You Need Minerals

Your body and your brain need minerals. You cannot live, much less thrive, without a full range of essential and trace minerals. You can obtain minerals from plants and seafood, but you may be shortchanging yourself if you don’t ever add any complex minerals to your diet. Minerals, even some that you’ve never heard of, play critical roles in various tissues, systems and functions of the body. Without them, some functions may cease or become weak, causing a chain reaction of failed functions throughout the body.

Many, many people these days are afraid of “salt.” The fear is justified if we are talking about common table salt (the perverse food additive composed of sodium chloride with added iodine and anti-caking chemicals that we grew up with). But we need minerals and SEA salt can fill that need perfectly, if we use discretion and wisdom. All real sea salt contains at least 50 minerals and trace minerals, probably considerably more in most cases.

Dragon Herbs offers a range of healthful, important high-mineral sea salts from pure and extraordinary sources around the world – we call the Di Tao Sea Salts™. And then we offer a few super-extraordinary full-range mineral products. You owe it to your body to add minerals (not table salt) to your diet. Your Qi and your “conductivity” depend on it.

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt
An amazing combination of pure Pacific sea salt and activated charcoal made from coconut shells, Ron Teeguarden’s Hawaiian Black Sea Salt has an exotic, striking flavor. The rich black color and crunchy grains add a dramatic finish to any meal. Try our Hawaiian Black Sea Salt as a finishing salt on any food that the striking, jet-black color will stand out! It is a beautiful replacement for plain table salt. Activated charcoal is one of the great detoxifying agents known to mankind and has profound health benefits.

Peruvian Mountain Sea Salt
Hand harvested from spring-fed terraces near the ancient city of Machu Picchu, our Peruvian Mountain Pink Salt presents as medium-sized salt crystals of varying shades of gold and pink. It gives a beautiful sheen to match their well-rounded savory flavor and crunchy texture. The moderate moisture content of Peruvian Mountain Pink Salt makes it fantastic as a salt crust or finishing salt on seafood or sprinkled on top of warm vegetables, potatoes or desserts. The crisp grains hold up well in soups and stews. Try it on anything as a finishing salt to give an exotic, glossy, jewel-like look.

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt
Matcha is a premium green tea harvested and processed in Japan. It has become popular for its green, lightly toasted and slightly sweet flavor. To highlight the delicate aroma of the Matcha, we gently combine pure, mineral-rich natural sea salt to create our Matcha Green Tea Sea Salt. This salt is best used in light dishes such as seafood or vegetables, in eggs, tofu, edamame, and in tempura. Matcha Green Tea Sea Salt also works well as a finishing salt due to its beautiful spring-green color.

Tonic Alchemy

It is not necessary to use a direct mineral salt like the sea salts described above. You CAN get minerals from vegetables and herbs alone. Tonic Alchemy® is a rich source of essential and trace minerals. Tonic Alchemy® is a source of virtually all trace minerals and electrolytes required by the human body. It contains minerals from land and sea, directly from plants. Its electrolyte capacity alone, besides its almost immeasurable nutritional profile, can impact your functioning and vitality as a whole right down to your cells. Just watch this very short video and see a demonstration of Tonic Alchemy®’s electrolyte capacity.

Tonic Alchemy Electrolyte

Consume Super Greens Daily

You already know that you should be consuming a variety of green vegetables (“greens”) every day, but you may need some help in achieving this. If you make a blender drink once a day, you can include a variety of fresh leafy greens. In addition, you can dramatically boost its green leafy goodness and potency by adding any of the following superfoods offered by Dragon Herbs.

Tonic Alchemy
This is an ultimate source of greens. Tonic Alchemy® contains 91 superfoods, and is headed by whole green grasses (barley grass, oat grass, wheatgrass and alfalfa). To dramatically boost its potency, Tonic Alchemy® also contains the freeze-dried juices of these same grasses plus kamut grass juice. And grasses are not the only greens you really want and need. Tonic Alchemy® also contains green superfoods such as spirulina, hydrilla, ashitaba, chlorella, moringa leaf and dunaliella. Broccoli and other green garden vegetables are also included.

Just one scoop in a liquid, blend or stir for a few seconds, and you’ll be getting the world’s richest source of greens every day.

Hydrilla is arguably the most nutrient-dense food on earth. It is an extraordinary superfood of the highest order that can be used daily in a blender drink. Of particular interest to those who eat reduced quantities of animal foods, Hydrilla is a superb source of three nutrients often lacking in the diets of vegetarians – calcium, vitamin B-12 and iron. These three nutrients help with neuronal function and help maintain mental health (cognition and attention span). They are also necessary for the delivery of oxygen to cells. Hydrilla is one of nature’s premier sources of calcium, and is thus especially valuable for the maintenance of strong bones and healthy, resilient connective tissue. The high content of B-vitamins in Hydrilla helps protect neurological tissue and support general metabolism. Hydrilla also contains beta-carotene, providing antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-pollution protection.

Hydrilla verticillata grows wild and in abundance (in fact, usually in excess as it is a highly “invasive”, a never-say-die plant) in pristine waterways of various regions in the American wilderness and throughout Asia and Europe.

Hydrilla is arguably the most under-appreciated superfood of all, and Ron Teeguarden recommends it for everyone.

Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei) is known in Japan as the "King of Vegetables from Longevity Island." Ashitaba is famous as the superfood from Okinawa Island, home of one of the longest living populations on earth, where many people live to extreme healthy longevity. The name Ashitaba literally means “Leaves of Tomorrow” in the Japanese language. It got this name because of its remarkably strong life force – when you pick its leaves today, new tender leaves will sprout tomorrow.

Ashitaba contains a unique phytochemical called “chalcone.” According to Japanese researchers, chalcone purifies blood, strengthens the immune system, benefits blood profile and circulation, suppresses excessive acid secretion, and promotes metabolism. Ashitaba is a very potent antioxidant that generates SOD, the human body’s own natural antioxidants.

Ashitaba is one of the few plants in the world that contains phytochemicals that stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a substance that stimulates the re-growth of nerve tissue in higher animals, including brain tissue. NGF is a biological substance produced in the human body that is essential in the development and survival of certain neurons in both the central and peripheral nervous systems. NGF is essential for the health and well-being of the nervous system. NGF is the most potent growth factor for cholinergic neurons. It is the most important regulator of proliferation, differentiation, and survival of neuronal cells. Signals emanating from receptors for NGF control practically all aspects of immune defense.

Dragon Herbs offers pure organic Ashitaba that can be used in blender drinks. One tablespoon in a blender drink will provide invaluable nutritional benefits.

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Go deeper, expand your knowledge and wisdom

What could be more important than growing your mind? Don’t rely only upon short articles. Read challenging books that grow your mind – and your Shen.

Dragon Herbs is dedicated to expanding the consciousness of its clients. For this reason, we offer a range of books on various topics, hand-picked by Taoist Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden to illuminate the path.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs
In this clear and concise encyclopedia of Chinese tonic herbalism, Teeguarden identifies over seventy powerful herbs, and explains how they work and how to take them, both alone and in combination. Drawing on centuries -old recipes, he shows you how to use these special formulas to vigorously promote: longevity, beauty, mental energy, fertility and sex drive, and immune efficiency.

Combining traditional Taoist health principles with cutting-edge scientific knowledge, The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs will help you develop a regimen that is natural and inexpensive, and vital to you physical and emotional well-being.

31 Tips
You may have this little book already and you may have read it. But if you don’t have it, we’ll send it to you for free with any purchase. Every Dragon Herbs customer gets one free; after that, they are $14.95 per copy.

These are the thirty-one primary practices one should follow in order to achieve glowing health and live a long, successful, happy life. This 45-minute read will awaken you to your own true being and to a flexible path to well-being. Based on Taoist principles of inner power, balance and moderation, this powerful little book encourages and guides you in simple yet profound ways to cultivate your optimal life. This book is essential for anyone on the path to glowing health through the art of life cultivation.

Tonic Alchemy
Professor Lin presents in this book the scientific understanding of the herb's beneficial functions on human immune, nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

Click on the following link and explore the Dragon Herbs Book Collection. Pick a couple of books that go deeper than you’ve gone before.

Explore, grow, and transform.

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The First Rule of tonic herbalism (and of all the resolutions you could possibly have) is COMPLIANCE. Will power really helps, but is often not enough for the long haul.

You know you WANT to use your tonic herbs, superfoods and dietary supplements daily. But it’s easy to forget and miss because you’re late or tired or just forget.

Ron Teeguarden believes that the secret of compliance is to create a “home elixir bar.” This would be a dedicated space, large or small that is kind of an altar to your health and well-being. You keep your tonic herbs, dietary supplements, superfoods, teas and the appropriate accoutrements like cups, pots, spoons, etc. at your home elixir bar.

Some people keep a simple space while others create an altar-like space complete with a statuette of Guan Yin (or other), filtered water supply, blender, sink, utensils, etc.

Set up a home elixir bar NOW and you will find that complying with your resolution to take herbs and superfoods becomes natural and easy.

Bamboo Treasure Shelf
Like our Bamboo Treasure Shelf? This bamboo 3 tier shelf is designed specifically for herbal supplement bottles and maximize your counter space. Each tier is 2 ¼” tall so the front rows do not block the back rows. 2 drawers to store small miscellaneous goodies, one at the front and one in the back.

Buy Now at $29.00.

Diamond Mind Drops
He Shou Wu
Supreme Shen Drops
Supreme Protector
Spring Dragon Longevity Tea