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What is "Earth Drops" Wild Ginseng?

Earth Drops is a super-potent herbal extract in tincture form made primarily from old wild American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) roots (20-70 years of forest growth or older) from the pristine forests of the Catskill Mountains, the Di Tao authentic source in the world for this major tonic herb. Earth Drops also contains wild Changbai Mountain Panax Ginseng roots (20-70 years of pristine forest growth or older) valued by many as the finest, and most beneficial Ginseng in the world. Wild American Ginseng roots from the Catskill Mountains are prized in Asia at the same level as Changbai Mountain wild Chinese Ginseng roots.

Only roots are used in Earth Drops - no rhizomes, stems or leaves are used. Every root used is a treasure in itself. No cultivated roots, no roots less than 20 years old are ever used in this precious Private Reserve extraction. Cultivated ginseng is a superior herb with powerful, if not profound health benefits. Dragon Herbs offers a superior range of cultivated Ginseng products. However, wild Ginseng is in another league. Wild ginseng roots are not grown — they are self-generating and self-supporting in an extremely harsh environment. They are always collected when they are old which means they have matured to become one the world’s most potent tonic herbs.

Earth Drops is a blend of Asian and American wild ginseng roots. Both wild varieties are at the epitome of the herbal world, and they are both regarded around the world as quintessential tonic herbs. Wild ginseng has been used in Asia for at least 5,000 years and American ginseng has been imported into China and revered there for about 500 years. The wild American ginseng trade helped fund the American Revolution and was a source of income to such notables as Thomas Jefferson and Daniel Boone. 99.999% of all ginseng products sold in the United States contain no WILD ginseng. Earth Drops Wild Ginseng is 100% WILD ginseng – not a single other ingredient besides the water and alcohol used to extract the ginseng is used in its preparation.

Nitty-Gritty Details of Earth Drops

There is a famous old saying about ginseng, going back to ancient times — “the second cooking of Ginseng is the best.” Ginseng is such a hardy root that it is almost impossible to extract all the constituents out of the roots in just one extraction. It is so dense, so rich and so stubborn that a normal volume of extract solvent (water and/or alcohol) simply cannot hold any more extract. Our tests and those of others have verified this. As powerful as modern technology is these days (we DO get a great deal of the good stuff out in our first extraction) we cannot waste the bounty of powerful constituents that are still in the “mark” (the material left over after an extraction). We include the “mark” from each batch of Heaven Drops Wild Ginseng in the production of Earth Drops. This “mark” is combined with hundreds of “virgin” wild American ginseng roots (both dried and fresh), all of which are at least 20 years old, and with an average age of about 35 years. We include roots that are as old as 60 years old as well. (Note: The typical age of the ginseng used in commercial products found in natural foods markets and on the internet is just 4 or 5 years, not even in the same league as the 25 year average of the wild ginseng roots used to make Earth Drops). The older a ginseng root — the longer it has survived and flourished in the mountain earth — the more ginsenosides and other bio-active constituents it will contain, and the more perfectly it will be balanced in terms of Yin and Yang, and in how it can help us handle our own stresses in our human world. Old ginseng roots are true treasures.

I know of no other ginseng product in the world that matches Dragon Herbs’ Heaven Drops and Earth Drops. I have never seen one in America (though some have made imperfect attempts), nor have I seen any in China, Korea or Japan.

What's the difference between Heaven Drops and Earth Drops?

Earth Drops is composed of more wild American roots than Heaven Drops. This does not weaken the product, but it does make it somewhat different. American ginseng is slightly “cooler” than Asian ginseng and is a slightly stronger Yin tonic. Earth Drops is PERFECT for use as a daily tonic herb during the warm summer months, wherever you live and whatever you’re doing. Wild ginseng tends to have no capacity to create side effects because it is so perfectly and profoundly balanced. That is one reason it can be used by so many people with great benefit. Earth Drops is more economical than Heaven Drops because we do not charge for the “mark” and because American ginseng is less expensive than wild Chinese ginseng (though no less beneficial). It may therefore be more suited to daily use on a continuous basis. Both American and Asian wild ginseng has gone up in price significantly in the past decade, but because Asian wild ginseng is becoming comparatively more rare, it has gone up in price at twice the rate. That is why Heaven Drops is so much more expensive. Of course, Earth Drops contains plenty of Asian wild ginseng due to the inclusion of the Heaven Drops “mark.”


Both Heaven Drops and Earth Drops are extracted in the exact same way. We use the ultimate extraction technology in the world to produce this super-potent ginseng product. We use both water and alcohol to do the extraction, so that all constituents present in these precious wild ginseng roots are extracted. It cannot be produced any stronger. And it is produced, from beginning to end, with all the love and care we can express. We believe you will feel that love.

Personally, when I travel, I ALWAYS carry a bottle of Earth Drops with me to provide energy, increase my adaptive energy (the ability to adapt to the changes automatically associated with traveling), and to protect my lungs (traveling is ALWAYS tough on the lungs due to airport and airplane pollution, diesel fuel and subways in foreign cities. Before I figured out that Earth Drops protected my lungs, I used to have a terrible time with subways because of the up-close exposure to alien microbes that my body had not been previously dealing with. Earth Drops is a near-miraculous protector in this regard. I now prep my body for traveling by consuming larger doses of Earth Drops as soon as I buy my tickets, if not before.

Earth Drops is a fantastic daily tonic that you can (should) take at least once or twice a day. If you’re into sports or other athletic activity (dancing, yoga, qigong, balling, hiking...), take it before and after the activity to improve performance, endurance and recovery. Ginseng is a very potent anti-aging herb, and Earth Drops is, of all the Dragon Herbs ginseng products, the most powerful in this regard. This is because wild American ginseng provides very potent Yin, and thus helps moisten and rejuvenate the skin and other tissues. It protects and nourishes our body fluids unlike any other product. In this regard, it is number one. Earth Drops is also a powerful immune boosting/regulating herbal that supports and extends normal immunological capacity at a level only equaled by tonic luminaries like premium grade reishi mushroom fruiting bodies and premium grade wild crafted astragalus roots. All wild ginseng, and American ginseng in particular, has been shown in study after study to protect and support our metabolic balances and healthy aging.