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Shanghai Lady Drops

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Shanghai Lady and Desert Cistanche

Shanghai Lady

“Shanghai Lady” is the term used for the beautiful, sexy, classy women depicted in early 20th century posters that were prominent in sophisticated Shanghai culture. This special no–holds–barred limited production formulation is made to enhance the “Shanghai Lady” in every women.

The elixir is made with a wonderful, supremely potent extract of Schizandra, the herb of imperial women, plus Deer Antler Tips and Cistanche. The Northern Schizandra is organically grown, the Deer Antler Tips are from semi–wild Changbai Mountain spotted deer, and the Cistanche is sustainably wild collected in Mongolia, near Heaven Mountain.

The Schizandra was extracted while still fresh and juicy and has a wonder tart flavor. Schizandra is known as Five Flavor Herb because of its robust, highly sophisticated flavor. No doubt, this extract is quite strong tasting, so simply add it to tea.

Add it to tea or a smoothie, or take it straight. Men can take it too!


Specifications — 2 fl. oz.

Ingredients — Deer Antler tips, Northern Schizandra fruit, Desert Cistanche stem, Luo Han Guo fruit

Other Ingredients — water, grain alcohol.

Usage — 1-2 squirts or as desired



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