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Tibetan Ever Young Drops

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Tibetan Ever Young Drops


This is a tincture made from the rarest of rare tonic herbs – the Tibetan Ever Young plant. This herb is a relative of Cistanche salsa, the infamous sex tonic and longevity herb that grows in Mongolia and in the deserts northwest of Heaven Mountain. The Tibetan variety is considered to be even stronger than its Mongolian superstar cousin, but it is much more rare. Hardly any of this herb leaves Tibet – it is all consumed indigenously. These long lived, old, distinctly phallus-shaped roots-and-stalks grow in one of the harshest environments in the world, and have as hardcore a reputation as any herb in the world. They are prized and coveted by Asian connoisseurs. Tibetan wild herb collectors have to go to great lengths to collect this remarkable wild herb. We are very fortunate to have a collector who can get us a hundred kilos or so of this herb each year, allowing us to share in a little bit of true Himalayan magic.*


Traditional Function: Yang tonic, aphrodisiac *


Who Can Use It: Mostly men, women once in a while


Specifications: 2 fl. oz.


Ingredients: Tibetan Ever Young Herb (Tibetan Cistanche)


Other Ingredients: water, alcohol


Usage: 2-12 droppers per day as desired or as directed by your health care practitioner


Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word – Compliance. If you don’t take the herbs, they won’t work.”



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to

diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.