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AcuRing - DIY Acupressure Device

Typical benefits of acupoints stimulation:
  • Stress reduction
  • Energy regulation
  • Nerve stimulation
  • Improved mental focus
  • Pain control
Made from 100% high-grade stainless steel, the Acu-Ring utilizes a patented design to stimulate every millimeter of your fingers and toes as you roll it along.
Dragon Herbs is very pleased to present a new health promoting tool from China: AcuRing. This simple and elegantly powerful tool utilizes the time-tested wisdom of acupuncture and acupressure to promote bodily and psychological health. Designed in China, where acupuncture and acupressure were invented, and where these arts have been practiced by billions of people over at least twenty five centuries, this new device is a breakthrough in self help. By rolling AcuRing back and forth along the fingers and toes, you are stimulating important “acupoints,” the same bio-electrically charged points used in acupuncture to regulate functions throughout the body. By stimulating the acupoints on your fingers and toes, and by using AcuRing to press on speci c acupoints on the hands and feet, you are stimulating virtually all functions of the human body and helping to balance out their functions. All body functions Of the 12 meridians (a highly integrated network of energy are supplied with Qi (energy) through a highly integrated network of energy channels known as the meridians. The channels in the human body), 6 flow through the fingers meridian network is made up of twelve meridians (the and 6 flow through the toes. major energy channels) and eight reservoir channels generally referred to as the psychic channels. Six of the meridians flow through the fingers, and six flow through the toes. By thoroughly stimulating the fingers and toes you can help regulate all the major functions of the body. There are many acupoints on the fingers and toes. For example, there are acupoints that relax tension in the head and neck, improve breathing by relaxing and stimulating the diaphragm, improve digestion, and tonify liver, reproductive and kidney functions. Traditionally, Asian people who sought radiant health and longevity would massage their hands and feet, and especially their fingers and toes, at least once a day to harmonize the meridians as part of a self-help acupressure routine. Taoist practitioners do this every day as a warm up for their Qi Gong routine and meditation. Stimulating the acupoints on the hands and feet is similar to consuming an adaptogenic tonic herbal formula for the purpose of toning up the body. In the past, a person could use their finger nails to press certain sensitive acupoints and thereby obtain a stronger impact. But it has always been difficult to thoroughly and accurately stimulate all the acupoints every time. That is why AcuRing is actually a major advancement in the art of self-applied acupressure. Indeed, anyone who understands the art of Life Cultivation™ will appreciate the value of stimulating the meridians every day as a means of promoting general health.

AcuRing is a REAL health tool. A five or ten-minute session with AcuRing will stimulate all of the energy channels of the body. Everybody who is seriously interested in maintaining their health and extending their longevity should own one. And AcuRing is not only health-promoting, it’s also fun to use. AcuRing is not at all painful, though it is quite stimulating. From the first moment you ever use AcuRing, you will know that it is really doing something. The basic procedure involves rolling AcuRing, which expands and contracts as it is moved, along the finger or toe. The ne tips that make up the ring’s surface provide just the right amount of pressure and stimulation – with pin-point precision that actually is very pleasurable. AcuRing ts any size finger or toe. Made from 100% high-grade stainless steel, AcuRing utilizes a novel, patented design to stimulate every millimeter of your fingers and toes as you roll it along. It can also be used to apply pressure to other acupoints on the hands and feet, or anywhere on the body. AcuRing is sturdy and will last for years. It appears to be a simple device, but its simplicity is deceptive. It is in fact a technological marvel, designed to perform an invaluable health promoting function to perfection.

AcuRing comes in a decorative box and with instructions and a handy acupoint reference chart, presenting some of the many different ways you can use it to promote radiant health.

AcuRing makes a fun and thoughtful gift for friends and family.

Suggested Use – Acupoints should be stimulated daily: to regulate, wake up and rebalance all organs functions. The hands and feet are covered with acupoints for every organ/function.

AcuRing is a DIY (do-it-yourself ) acupressure device. It is ideal for those of us who cannot get acupuncture or acupressure treatments daily. And it does not cost a penny beyond the cost of the ring. AcuRing has a thousand applications (there are hundreds of acupoints on the human body).

You may use AcuRing as a part of your meditation, Qi Gong or yoga practice. This is the very best way to utilize this valuable tool. Use it during the warm-up period to open the meridians. Using AcuRing does not need to consume any time out of your busy day. You can simply keep AcuRing in your purse or pocket for spontaneous use any time, anywhere. Or you may want to keep one on your desk as a stress relief tool! Keeping one near your TV watching couch is another excellent way to assure your daily use of AcuRing.

Using AcuRing is a productive way to pass the time while waiting in bank or coffee shop lines, taking a break at work, while watching television or listening to your iPod. It may also be used prior to exercising, before an examination or as a break from extended reading or computer use.*

By rolling AcuRing back and forth along the fingers and toes, you are stimulating important “acupoints,” the same bio-electrically charged points used in acupuncture to regulate virtually all major functions of the human body and to achieve balance.

Massage these acupoints respectively for the following problems:
1. Liver: Neck tension, tired eyes, bad hearing, pain on one side of the body.
2. Heart: Blood circulation, liver pain, rigid chest pain, nervousness, pressing stomach pain
3. Digestive Organs: Pain, atulence, constipation, sleeplessness, knee trouble, stomach ache, headache
4. Lungs: Breathing problems, knee trouble, pressing chest pain, bronchitis
5. Kidneys: Headache, back pain, high blood pressure, impotence, menstruation problems