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Virugo Max

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Virugo Max


Virugo Max™ is a highly effective complex of herbs used to support seasonal immune response. This state of the art modern formulation is based on an ancient formula developed nearly two thousand years ago by the famous Chinese physician Zhang Zhong Jing. In search of an even more effective formulation, over a hundred scientists from all fields of Chinese pharmacology, health care and plant chemistry spent five years refining a new formula to be used on a wide scale basis in China. Since its introduction, over a billion units have been sold in China due to the efficacy and reputation of this formulation.


Dragon Herbs is very proud to be the exclusive distributor of this product in the United States and Canada. Ultra-modern Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology™ (FITT™) is utilized to extract nine very high grade Chinese herbs. Virugo Max™ is freeze dried to form a powder, which is then encapsulated. This balanced, extremely effective formula, made from natural plants such as Isatis root and Anemarrhena root has no known side-effects.


This is one herbal product you always want to keep in your herbal chest. Virugo Max™ is an extremely safe, efficient and effective formula.


Zhang Zhong Jing’s early combination of herbs was designed to have multiple functions such as clearing stagnant Qi and cooling blood heat. Virugo Max™ has been shown to be even more effective.


Those who wish to consume Virugo Max™ as a tea may empty the capsules into water and it will produce a highly palatable, soothing tea. All FITTpowders dissolve instantaneously in water. Some people find that adding Manuka Honey enhances the benefits of the tea.


Dragon Herbs uses Pullulan capsules for all of its encapsulated products, including Virugo Max™. Pullulan is a 100% natural, water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a fermentation process. It is of non-GMO vegetable origin, and it contains no gluten, starch, preservative or chemical modifications. It dissolves completely and quickly for quick assimilation.*


Traditional Function: Removes heat, cools the blood, purges fire, saves the Yin, and detoxifies.*


Who Can Use It: This is an immune tonic suitable to those of all ages and condition for short periods of time.


Concentration: 8:1 FITT extract


Specifications: 60 capsules 500mg each


Ingredients: Isatis Root, Gypsum, Anemarrhena rhizome, Forsythia fruit, Phragmites rhizome, Raw Rehmannia root, Pogostemon herb, Acorus rhizome, Turmeric tuber.


Other Ingredients: vegetarian capsules**, rice powder.


Usage: Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.


Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word – Compliance. If you don’t take the herbs, they won’t work.”


**Pullulan caps 100% natural, water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a fermentation process; vegetable origin; non-GMO; no starch, preservatives or chemical modifications; gluten free.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to

diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.