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Tonic Alchemy Chocolate Bar

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The Tonic Alchemy Chocolate Bar is 55% raw Cacao Dark Chocolate. The chocolate is made with premium organic Arriba Nacional Cacao, which is considered some of the best in the world. It is from a family-owned farm and harvested sustainably. All of the Cacao used Ecuadorian, Arriba Nacional, sourced from independent farmers at above market value. This is the most socially, economically, and environmentally responsible superfood chocolate possible! We sweeten the bar with low glycemic coconut sugar that is both diabetic friendly and healthier to consume without compromising taste. It contains 4.5 g of Tonic Alchemy in one bar, so it has all the benefits of Tonic Alchemy. It is gluten free, and we use no artificial ingredients.*

Tonic Alchemy Chocolate

Made with organic ingredients, 100% vegan, 71 organically grown herbs, vegetable, superfoods, superfruits, super-sprouts, 6 wild crafted sea vegetables, 7 probiotic microorganisms, 20 major tonic herbs including premium Reishi Chaga goji schizandra Rhodiola and He Shou Wu, 11 probiotically predigested (fermented) tonic herbs and superfoods, No chemicals, preservatives, colors flavors or additives