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Tonic Alchemy

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The World’s Greatest Superfoods Are Available in One Amazing Blend

Ron Teeguarden’s credo is “When it comes to tonic herbs and superfoods, never settle for less than the best.” We cannot all own the biggest house, the greatest car, or have the best clothes, but when it comes to what we are putting into our body, we should follow this credo. Our health and wellbeing are dependent upon what we put in our body. Our body must be revered as the miracle that it is. If we put premium quality nutrients into our body daily, our body will perform at a dramatically higher level.

Tonic Alchemy™ is incredibly nutritious – it is the ultimate superfood mix ever created. Just one serving a day will provide the body, mind and spirit with the most awesome range of nutrients ever combined in one meal or one product. Tonic Alchemy™ is composed of 91 individual superfoods sourced from around the world. Every ingredient is the best material available in the world. We never settle for less than the best.

What’s New about Tonic Alchemy 2.0?

  1. 91 Ingredients. That’s a big subject. Tonic Alchemy™ 2.0 has over 20 new ingredients that Ron Teeguarden has decided he wants to consume every day.
  2. Organic Ingredients. Although Tonic Alchemy has ALWAYS be pure and chemical free, many of the ingredients were not certified organic. Now 71 of the superfoods, fruits, vegetables and herbs are certified organic. Almost all of the rest of the ingredients are wildcrafted (collected from Nature in the wild).
  3. 100% Vegan. The original Tonic Alchemy contained powdered pearls – the other 70 ingredients were plants. The pearl has been removed from Tonic Alchemy™ 2.0, which is now 100% vegan. This product is also largely raw. Only the herbs that cannot be consumed raw have been extracted and condensed.

What’s in the New Tonic Alchemy 2.0?

This new, significantly upgraded version of Tonic Alchemy™, which Ron Teeguarden is referring to as version “2.0,” features extraordinary ingredients from around the world.

Because there are 91 ingredients in Tonic Alchemy™ 2.0, it is not possible to go into all of them fully in here (that would be a “book”).

So let’s look at some of the major new ingredients and super-ingredients that are not so well known.


Tonic Alchemy™ contains the most powerful superfoods in the world. Tonic Alchemy features several rare superfoods that can have profound health benefits.

Ashitaba: Though not so well known yet in America, Ashitaba is recognized as Japan’s greatest superfood. This powerful super-nourishing and rejuvenating green plant promotes nerve growth factor production and thus supports neurological health into deep old age. The Okinawan people who grow Ashitaba are among the three longest lived peoples on earth.

Hydrilla: This water plant is known by scientists to be the most nutrient dense food on earth. It is originally from the Russian wilderness. It supplies an abundance of vitamins and other factors, including B vitamins, including vitamin B12. This plant is virtually indestructible in nature, and that capacity to survive ANYTHING is representative of the radical potency of this little green superfood.

Moringa: The small leaves of this tree from the Asian subcontinent is becoming recognized as one of the greatest superfoods on earth. Moringa Leaf provides amazing nutrition, rivalling Hydrilla as the most nutrient dense food plant on earth. It has 7 times the vitamin C of oranges.

Gynostemma: This green plant that grows in tropical regions of Asia is a supreme superfood. Epidemiological studies have shown that the people who live where Gynostemma is grown and consumed on a daily basis are the longest lived people on earth (more octogenarians and more centenarians per capita than anywhere else). It contains over 100 saponins, similar to those found in ginseng, that improve adaptability, regulate immune functions and slow down aging in numerous ways, starting at the cellular level.

Of course, Tonic Alchemy™2.0 also contains the Great Classic Superfoods:

Grasses: Oat Grass, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass and Kamut Grass. Grasses are true superfoods. They are loaded with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, healthy fibers, and much more. They are provided in Tonic Alchemy™2.0 in two different ways: as grass juices (dried) and as whole grasses. Grass juice is about 40 times more concentrated that the raw grass, while the whole grass provides amazing fiber and enzymes plus an amazing range of phytoneutrients.

Non-Grass Superfoods: Spirulina, Chlorella, Alfalfa Leaf, and Dunaliella Salina Algae. These superfoods are known to almost everyone who is into health. There is a difference in quality, however, depending upon sourcing and freshness. Tonic Alchemy™2.0 contains superior grades of all these superfoods.

Tonic Herbs: Tonic Alchemy™2.0 contains 20 of the greatest vegan supertonic herbs from around the world. Tonic herbs are consumed throughout the world on a daily basis to promote radiant health. We have added 9 new major tonic herbs to the new blend and deleted one, pearl, that presented an issue to some people because it is not vegan. Tonic Alchemy™2.0 is 100% vegan.

A Few of the New Tonic Herbs Included in Tonic Alchemy™ 2.0

Russian Rhodiola rosea has been acknowledged to be one of the greatest adaptogenic herbs in the world. It is called “golden root” in Russia, where it has been used since prehistoric times as a panacea. It is extremely easy on the body, yet it is a highly potent energy tonic and immune modulator. Dragon Herbs has used Himalayan Rhodiola from the beginning in Tonic Alchemy. And we continue to use Himalayan Rhodiola sacra, known as “red root” in China and Tibet. We are using both in full dose capacities in this new Tonic Alchemy™2.0. We consider them to be different enough to be considered two different herbs, both with great power.

Red Ginseng: Changbai Mountain Ginseng has been an ingredient in Tonic Alchemy™ since its first day, but we have received organic certification by the world’s most prestigious certification program, and that makes a difference. It is very, very difficult to grow ginseng organically. It takes from 6 to 8 years to grow a ginseng root. During that time, the tiny, vulnerable plant must survive Manchurian alpine conditions. The plant is so expensive that no farmer likes to risk losing the plant in its 4th or 6th year. Growing ginseng organically takes courage, faith and commitment. Ginseng also comes in various grades. We use the highest grade available, which on uses large 8 year old roots. You will not find 8 year old organically grown Changbai Mountain ginseng in any other superfood product.

Wild Siberian Chaga™ is a slow growing woody mushroom that grows naturally on birch trees in Russian Siberia. It is collected wild, from remote, pristine forests in the arctic mountains of Siberia, the premier Di Tao source in the world for Chaga. All of the Chaga mushrooms used in Tonic Alchemy™2.0 are at least 20 years old at the time of collection – that is in comparison to most commercial Chaga which is grown artificially in Southeast Asia and is usually just four years old when collected. This Wild Siberian Chaga is rich in active polysaccharides, melanin, phenolic compounds and lanostane-type triterpenoids. It is a powerful antioxidant. The Chaga is extracted using ultra-modern technology to preserve the complete active constituent profile. It is one of the great broad spectrum tonic herbs known to mankind. It is now a major ingredient in Tonic Alchemy™2.0. Chaga modulates immune responses through secretion of Th1/Th2 cytokines (bioactive chemicals) in immune cells, and Chaga regulates antigen-specific antibody production. This modulatory effect is responsible for Chaga's "double-direction" adaptogenic effect on the immune response. This activity is very similar to the same activities long noted in Reishi mushroom (another classic ingredient in Tonic Alchemy™). Because of its double direction adaptogenic activity, Chaga is suitable to all healthy normal individuals seeking a world class tonic to support a wide range of life functions.