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Doi Chaang Wild Thai Civet Coffee

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Wild Thai Civet Coffee


This is not your everyday, utilitarian coffee; it is meant to be savored. Wild Thai Civet Coffee is given a medium-light roast in order to preserve the distinct flavor acquired from its unique process, keeping it low in caffeine and resulting in an exceptionally smooth and flavorful taste. The civets of Doi Chaang are wild and never caged or force fed. They eat only the ripest, sweetest cherries, ensuring that only the best beans have been ingested. The beans pass undigested, where they’re infused with the flavors of the civet’s diet and the enzymes in the civet’s stomach further enhance the coffee’s flavor by breaking down the proteins that typically give coffee its bitter taste. This roast produces an elegantly smooth cup more remarkable than its process. It offers an unusual and memorable taste profile of citrus-toned acidity, cedary dark chocolate, and raisiny fruit.


Specifications: 50g


Ingredients: 100% Organic Whole Bean Arabica Coffee