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Healer's Tea eeTee in Jar

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Healer's Tea eeTee® is an ancient Taoist formula used to quickly replenish recently spent Jing. Traditionally known as Healer's Tea, it is now available in eeTee® granules. This great formula quickly replenishes Yin Essence, minerals and body fluids. Healer's Tea is believed to have powerful restorative, anti-aging and regenerative qualities. It has traditionally been used by those in the healing arts to replenish the energy given up in the process of their healing work, especially by body-workers, acupuncturists, those who channel energy and by caregivers. There is a popular saying in Asia: "Healers die young except in the Orient." The basis of this saying is that "giving" as doctors and other healers do require a profound usage of the bodily energy reserve known as Jing. According to ancient theories, giving-and-giving without restoration of Jing will result in rapid aging. So nearly two thousand years ago, sage herbalists developed this formula to be consumed by "healers" and other extreme "givers" to quickly and profoundly restore the spent Jing.

The precise recipe for Healer's Tea was provided to Ron Teeguarden by Taoist Master Sung Jin Park in 1976 to be used by Ron and his acupressurists at Ron's Acupressure Workshop, a healing center in West Los Angeles.

As a wonderful side action, this formula has an excellent effect on the skin and lungs. Many people have noticed and commented on the transformative power this formula has on the health and luster of their skin.

The same tea is also known in Asia as Honeymooner's Tea. It has been used for centuries by those engaged in highly active sexual activity to quickly replenish sexual fluids and sexual energy. Excessive or even simply exuberant sexual activity has often been challenged by Asian longevity advocates as "draining" - especially draining the primal energy known as Jing. This tea nearly instantly restores the Jing lost through sexual activity.

Ingredients: Dendrobium pod and stem, Goji berry, Schizandra fruit, Chinese Licorice root, Great Salt Lake Trace Minerals (Utah, over 70 essential and trace minerals, low sodium), Gum Arabic. (proprietary recipe).