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Tibetan Magic eeTee in Jar

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Tibetan Magic eeTee® is a unique, adaptogenic, instant energy elixir designed for creative individuals, to enhance vitality and endurance, and to support healthy aging. Tibetan Magic eeTee® features Himalayan herbs that have been used for centuries to support life force, youthfulness and mindfulness. The main ingredient in Tibetan Magic, Rhodiola sacra, is revered as a sacred herb of Tibet. This rare variety of Rhodiola comes from above the Himalayan snow line - one of the most rigorous environments on our planet.

The highly aromatic root of this species of Himalayan Rhodiola has been used by the Tibetans for centuries to enhance their oxygen intake ability. Though it has always been an extremely rare herb, it has been revered by Chinese herbalists for a thousand years, including the herbalists to the imperial families.

Tibetan Magic eeTee® is perfect for exercise, demanding sports, laborious activities, meditation, yoga and mentally creative work.

It contains nine of the most effective tonic herbs known to mankind. Some of the herbs in Tibetan Magic eeTee® are not well known to the American public because of their rarity and absence of commercialization, but they are none-the-less as powerful as Ginseng and similar world-famous tonic herbs. This formula includes wild Black Goji from Tibet, White Snow Lotus (from Tibet, blooms only once every five years, sustainably harvested from above the snow line, one of the most precious and valued purifying beauty herbs in all the world), Return to Youth stalk from Tibet (its very name tells you what the Tibetans think of this herb), and others.

Tibetan Magic eeTee® has an exotic juice base of Tibetan Sea Buckthorn, one of the profound antioxidant fruits in the world.

Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn fruit, Tibetan Rhodiola root (tannins removed to enhance digestion), Cultured Cordyceps fruiting body (Vegan, rice-grown), Tibetan White Snow Lotus flower, Heaven Mountain Goji berry, Longan fruit, Tibetan Return to Youth stalk (sustainably wild harvested), Tibetan Black Goji (sustainably wild harvested), Great Salt Lake Trace Minerals (Utah, over 70 essential and trace minerals, low sodium), Guilin Sweetfruit, Gum Arabic. (proprietary recipe)