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Seasonal Protection Kit

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Dragon Herbs

Supreme Protector
The formulation can be a cornerstone of a powerful tonic herbal program. Supreme Protector contains four herbs that have been used for over 2,000 years in Asia to boost the ability of the body to protect itself: Reishi mushroom, Cordyceps mycelium, Astragalus root and Schizandra fruit. Each of these herbs in their own right is among the greatest and most valued herbs on the planet. Combined, they provide protective support to the entire body. We recommend that you consume this product as a daily supplement, as a tonic foundation, to help maintain and fortify your resistance.

Tao in a Bottle
Stress weakens human bodies and can be a challenge to emotional balance. It is well established that for most Americans, the holiday season is one of the most stressful periods in their yearly cycle, even if there is great fun, joy and satisfaction to be had. In-law visits are wonderful but challenging. Kids are all home from school. Money must flow like water and that can certainly be stressful even for the most generous-at-heart. Odd hours, long weeks, travel, parking-shoving-and-bumping at the mall, traffic everywhere, and everything else can really add up. Dragon Herbs has a famous formulation that has been used by tens of thousands of people to help allay stress. Tao in a Bottle helps prevent or allay stress without causing drowsiness. It is NOT a sedative. It is a formula based on adaptogenic herbs that help your body naturally maintain hormonal, metabolic, neurological and emotional balance.

The key ingredient is an amino acid analogue that is central to the Zen-like attributes of Green Tea known as L-theanine. This amazing biological nutraceutical has been used by tens of millions of people in Asia to help control stress. It works. It is so safe, it is allowed to be added to ice cream and cake in Japan as a simple food additive, but when used herbally, in combination with other great adaptogenic herbs, it shines. We suggest you try taking a capsule or two each morning and a capsule or two each evening, especially during the holidays. Based on the anecdotal experience of thousands upon thousands of people, you will have easy sledding this holiday season.

Virugo Max eeTeeVirugo Max Capsules
VirugoMax is something you take when you start feeling down, under the weather. It has been used by approximately a billion people over the past few decades and by billions of people over the last two millennia. Its safety has been thoroughly established. It tastes fine as a tea or may be consumed as a capsule. This is a product you keep in your cabinet until you need it - hopefully if you build your protective power you won't need it this year. Still, if you don't have it on hand, you miss the chance to nip things in the bud. This is serious, time tested herbalism at its best.

VirugoMax eeTee - Dragon Herbs offers VirugoMax as instant granules in its eeTee line. Simply swirl a teaspoon or two into a cup of warm water and sip it down as a tea, a few times a day, when you feel the need.

VirugoMax Capsules - If you don't want to drink it, just take two or three capsules a few times a day. The capsules are PlantCaps made from tapioca, and they dissolve instantly in your stomach for quick action.

Great Regulator
There is a great-great formula used in Chinese herbalism to boost the immune system, prevent relapses of immune depletion-based conditions, to help regulate energy balance throughout the body, help balance liver functions, empower the lungs and more. It is known as The Great Regulator, or conventionally as Minor Bupleurum Combination. This formula has been one of the primary herbal formulation of TCM for 1,800 years. It is a relatively simple but amazingly sophisticated formulation. The effectiveness of the formula is based on the proportional relationships of the herbs, the methodology of how it is produced (they must be cooked together at the correct temperature and for the correct duration to produce all the biochemicals that are required for it to work optimally), and most importantly, its effectiveness is virtually entirely based on the quality of the raw herbs used to produce the product.

Minor Bupleurum is produced by at least twenty-five companies that sell into the USA. The quality of the herbs themselves can be dramatically different from source to source. The herbs used to produce most brands of Minor Bupleurum are typically "commodity grade" herbs. There are much higher quality herbs available to those who know better and have the good sense to buy products made from premium grade materials. Dragon Herbs uses ONLY premium grade, exquisite, fresh, mountain grown herbs from Di Tao sources (meaning, sources that have been considered authentic through the centuries). This product may be used all season long, or it may be used at the first sign of immune trouble. It also is used at full dose for a month for a full recovering to help re-build the immune system. Have it in your cabinet, fresh and ready for the season if you need it. We make Great Regulator yearly so that it is always potent when you need it.