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Hello Dragon Herbs Team,

I just wanted to forward to you the latest "Reishi Baby" sightings...she is now 6 mos old and by far the happiest and healthiest baby I know. As for myself I am a happy and healthy mama myself and I could not have done it without your help. The herbs have helped me soooo much...thank you!

It is for the first time in yearsthat I've been sleeping practically like a baby. My energy has also started to pick up now and I can keep up with my two babies at home. The herbs have also helped get my thyroid function to normal after a long twenty years struggle with an overactive/under active thyroid.

Anyway hope to see you all soon...Peace and Blessings -Reishi baby mama

Nausicaa De Souza Long Beach, CA

“The next time you talk to your warehouse staff, be sure to tell them thank you from me, for all their years of excellent service and for always getting my packages to me safely and quickly.”

Owen Murphy, Del Rey Beach, FL

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