Breathing and Respiratory Support

Breath is life. You need to foster the full potential of your lungs and take care of them. Pollute them as little as possible. Exercise daily to open your lungs up fully. Learn to breathe abdominally. Tonic herbs have been used since ancient times to support the health and functioning of the lungs.

Respiratory Function Support

Your lungs are responsible for supplying gases to your entire body, via the blood. It also eliminates waste gases from you’re your body that have been delivered to your loves via the blood. There are great tonic herbs that proactively support your lung functions.

Respiratory Fitness

To a large degree respiratory fitness is a perceived measurement of your respiratory endurance. Some herbs have gained a reputation through the centuries for supporting respiratory fitness.

Yoga and Qigong - Deep Breathing

Yoga and Qigong practice involves conscious deep breathing. Of course, movement without deep breathing is nearly useless. Breath control is central to mastery of Yoga, Qigong, many forms of meditation, and of course all breathwork. The masters of every age have utilized tonic herbs to foster deep breathing.

Minor Congestion

We all face the challenge of minor congestion from time to time.

Respiratory Aging

As one ages, respiratory power will naturally decline. First and foremost, maintaining respiratory fitness throughout one’s life will slow the decline dramatically. Smoking will come back to haunt you, so don’t smoke, or quit now. Performing deep breathing exercises, including Yoga, Qigong, speed walking, stair climbing, dancing and so on are powerful lung tonic lifestyle choices – cross country skiing enlarges your lungs. Antioxidants play a key role in protecting lungs over decades. Lung tonic herbs help maintain healthy respiratory tissues and functions.

Immune Protection

A conscious person proactively nurtures their lungs and breath every day by doing conscious deep breathing work. Yoga and Qigong count double. However, when exposed to bad air and/or sick people, it is wise to take extra measures of protection. Perhaps even double up.

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