Cardiovascular Protector

Cardiovascular Protector

  • Supports cardiovascular functions
  • Supports circulation
  • Blood tonic
  • Safe tonic herbs used for centuries
Item No: 260
Product Description

Salvia, Ligusticum, Crataegus leaf extract, Pseudoginseng (Tian Qi), Dang Gui and Astragalus all support blood circulation. Dang Gui, Pseudoginseng and Astragalus are major Blood tonic herbs that build blood and support optimal blood constituent profile. When combined, they help support normal, healthy blood circulation.*

Ingredients: Salvia root, Ligusticum rhizome, Chinese Hawthorn leaf, Notoginseng root, Dang Gui root, Astragalus root.

Traditional Function
Tonifies Blood & Qi, improves circulation, vitalizes blood, helps modulate normal, healthy blood lipid profile*. Enters Heart, Liver and Pericardium channels, directed toward the core. Has both cold and warming herbs, so it's slightly neutral
Who can use it?
100 Capsules, 500mg each
Other Ingredients
Vegetarian capsules, Rice powder, Bamboo extract powder, Rice extract blend.
Take 3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.
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