Caregiver's Support

It is really hard to be a full-time, or even part-time, caregiver. Yet millions of Americans are caregivers, taking care of the elderly, disabled, convalescing and otherwise challenged – not to mention children and dysfunctional family members and friends. Caregiving is a hardwired human attribute that distinguishes us from other life forms on earth. It requires resilience, inner power, compassion, stamina and love. But all this requires energy, and caregiving drains the caregiver’s energy, especially over time if the caregiving becomes chronic. It can drain our deep reserves, our daily vitality and our spirit if it feels overwhelming.

Sustained Energy - Qi Support

Caregiving is a real challenge. It can require enormous physical energy. Driving, lifting people and things, pushing and pulling, staying awake, serving, double-the-work…it all adds up to a long day, often day-after-day. Qi tonic herbs and superfoods help renew and sustain you energy.

Reserve Energy - Jing Support

Famously (in Asia), caregiving drains Jing. That means that it can tap into the caregiver’s reserves, akin to draining a battery. Caregiving can be exhausting. It can age people. If you feel exhausted, tonic herbs can be a godsend. Better yet, if you find yourself in a caregiving situation, be wise and start taking Jing tonic herbs immediately and continuously.

Emotional Support – Shen Support

Caregiving is inherently draining emotionally, especially when the person you are caring for is not likely to improve or recover. If you have deep feelings and love for the person you are caring for, the emotional drain can equal or surpass the physical drain. Shen tonics can sustain your open heart, can protect you and may keep you from caving in. Real Shen tonics are not sedatives. They help lift your spirit and clarity.

Stress and Mental Adaptability

Caregiver stress can be chronic, intermittent or acute. Stress drains your body of the Three Treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen. It harms the adrenals and other organs. Stress can make your brain shrink.


If you’re a caregiver, compassion is your thing (or should be). Herbs cannot give you compassion, but they can support the energy spent expressing the compassion.

The Tea or Coffee Break

Your tea or coffee break is very important. It is a short opportunity to re-charge, relax, sit, daydream. A high-grade tea, a great herbal tea, or perhaps a delicious coffee can be very revitalizing.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea time is “Desktop Botanical Garden time.” The Desktop Botanical Garden (DBG) is a glass tea pot with a cooker. In it you can make tea. Dragon Herbs offers a range of readymade, prepackaged tonic herbal teas. You can also make all the other teas in the DBG.


Tea is the world’s most ancient caregiver’s break beverage. It is relaxing, recharging and gently re-invigorating. Tea of course tastes great and is easy to prepare. There’s nothing like a tea break. Dragon Herbs offers an exquisite line of premium teas, including flower-flavored teas, green and black teas, fermented teas, pu erh teas from ancient tea trees and very rare specialty artisanal teas.

Bliss Tea

Bliss Teas are a blend of three ingredient categories: (1) a little black or green tea, (2) spices and flavorful herbs from around the world that lend an amazing flavor to this tea, and (3) a major tonic herb such as Ginseng, Goji leaves, Deer Antler, Shilajit, Dang Gui, etc. Bliss Teas are powerful from all three perspectives, and they taste wonderful – that’s why they’re called “bliss teas.” All Dragon Herbs Bliss Teas are excellent for caregiving breaks.


eeTees are instant granules that made a crystal clear herbal tea in less than one minute. The technology used to make eeTee is called FITT. It is a cold extraction technology that accurately reproduces the component fingerprint of the original herbs. It is raw extraction, no cooking, almost no carbon footprint. Just a note: Healer’s eeTee was made for caregivers to quickly replenish spent Jing and Qi.


If you take a coffee break, you might like to try a unique coffee or two.

Herbal Snacks

Healthy, satisfying, functional snacks are a must during your break. Our herbal snacks are based on great tonic herbs that have traditionally been consumed as both snacks and tonics.

Bliss Nut Snacks

Nuts are not only delicious but offer an impressive range of health benefits. Just a few servings a week may extend our lifespan. And there’s no problem eating a few servings every day! Specific nuts appear to protect against DNA damage, maintain healthy cell growth and repair and support cardiovascular function, especially improving arterial function. Evidence indicates that nuts support neurological functions. Studies have shown that nuts don’t contribute to weight gain. In fact, there is strong evidence that nuts support weight loss. Nuts are a preferred source of protein in a plant-based diet. Nuts and seeds offer a source of healthy fats. These healthy fats can boost the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. Nuts are an excellent source of minerals. Spices, such as those used to prepare Bliss Nuts, provide many health benefits. They are typically very potent anti-oxidants that provide protection throughout the body.

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