Cosmic Meditation Essential Oil Diffuser

Cosmic Meditation Essential Oil Diffuser

Elevate the senses with a flick of a switch

  • Perfect for any setting
  • Cosmic and soothing color display
  • Diffuses rejuvenating aromatic essential oils
  • Classy design meets modern technology
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Product Description

Dragon Herbs’ Cosmic Meditation Essential Oil Diffuser is a treasure in its own right. The stunningly colorful display is simultaneously soothing and elevating. It is real art that your soul will appreciate. The colors flow through the spectrum, and though the mesmerizing pattern is hard to describe, calling it “cosmic” comes closest to a fair description. It is classy and fits in any home or office. Ron Teeguarden has this diffuser on his home elixir bar and he uses it every night.

The oil diffusing mechanism is first class as well. Just add a little bit of water and 3 to 5 drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend and push “play.” In a few moments, the wonderful aroma fills your space, creating a comforting, lofty ambiance. It will run for many hours without becoming overwhelming or deficient.

With just a flick of a switch, your room will be filled with fragrance and gentle, cosmic lights, and all your senses will be soothed and rejuvenated. Perfect for meditation, a good book or a nap!

Who can use it?
12" x 7.1" x 7"

Is there an option to turn the light off but still have it diffuse?

A customer recently discovered that the diffuser does work without a light!!! Hold the right button down for 3 seconds to use without a light!

Can you set it to be just one color?

Yes! The first setting when you turn it on is color changing mode but if you press the light button on the right you can stop it on any of the colors in either a high brightness or low brightness setting. Just keep clicking the button till you get what you want!

Could this diffuser run 6-8 hrs continuously?


Is it a cool mist?


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