Curcumin Products for the Brain

Turmeric is one of the most popular herbs in the world because it is a very powerful antioxidant. It is also the main ingredient in curry. Curcumin is the dominant yellow pigment and active tonic constituent of turmeric. It has been established that brain health is benefitted from Curcumin.

Product Description

  1. Activated Curcumin -- 100 g
    • Derived from turmeric, one of the world’s supreme tonic herbs
    • Activated by black pepper, proven to enhance absorption
    • Major cardiovascular and brain benefits
    • Major antioxidant
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  2. Turmeric Caps 120
    • The world’s most popular herbal supplement
    • Rich in curcuminoids
    • Potent antioxidant
    • Brain health tonic
    • Supports cardiovascular system
    • Supports immune functions
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  3. Curry Sea Salt
    • Delicious spice mixture of traditional curry components and pure, 100% natural sea salt
    • Warm, spicy and aromatic
    • Traces of fragrant lemon, coconut, lemongrass, turmeric, toasted coriander and cumin
    • Beautiful golden color
    • Works well as an ingredient salt and a finishing salt
    • Wonderful addition to both sweet and savory dishes
    • Rich in over 50 trace minerals
    • Antioxidant
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  4. Bliss Nuts Thai Lemon Curry Nuts
    • You’re in for a true Thai curry treat
    • Raw cashews and sprouted almonds, and crunch coconut chips unite with an innovative 15-spice Thai curry blend, accentuating lemongrass, ginger and chilies.
    • Sweetened with coconut palm sugar and added tang of tart lemon juice.
    • Raw, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic and all-natural.
    • No fillers, chemicals or additives
    • Fun, exciting, distinctively crunchy and full of life
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