Daily Blood Detoxification

Obviously, it is best to do everything you can to keep the environmental toxins out of your bloodstream. But it is impossible to be even close to perfect and still live in the modern world. Any of the above-mentioned herbs and formulations can be used daily to keep your blood as clean as possible in our brave new world. Here are the top twelve tonic items you can consume to help counteract the toxicity.

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea - This super-tea is based on the great liver detoxifying herb Gynostemma. With five major tonic herbal extracted supersaturated® into the Gynostemma leaves, this is one of the healthiest teas on earth.

Heaven Mountain Goji Berries - Goji berries can be consumed as a snack. They help keep our blood clean.

Goji and Schizandra Drops - Goji and Schizandra Drops has been our most popular herbal formula at Dragon Herbs for the past eighteen years.

Schizandra Drops - Schizandra is extracted in alcohol to make a rich tincture. The alcohol acts as a trophic agent that guide the Schizandra molecules to the liver.

Schizandra eeTee® - Schizandra has a unique flavor – in fact it has 5 flavors in 1. That is why the its Chinese name Wu Wei Zi means “5 flavor” herb. eeTee captures the original off-the-forest-vine perfectly. It makes for a terrific afternoon tea.

Liver Tonic - This is a giant of tonic formulations that also specifically targets the liver. It provides broad spectrum adaptogenic vitality and resilience. It keeps the blood clean in numerous ways. It is composed of the 6 greatest Chinese tonic herbs that also directly support the liver: Schizandra, Duanwood Reishi, Polyrhachis Mountain Ant, Gynostemma leaf, Goji and Chinese Dioscorea. This formula is massive. It may be consumed daily as your main tonic formula to support very healthy aging.

Tonic Alchemy® - This one single superfood powder contains dozens of natural items that help detoxify the blood, the kidneys, the liver, the colon, and more.

Ant Drops - Ant is a fabulous detoxifying agent.

Duanwood® Reishi capsules - Reishi mushroom is a top-tier tonic herb, and “Duanwood” Reishi is the best variety of cultivated Reishi in the world. These mushrooms are grown on a pristine mountain Reishi plantation on freshly cut forest logs without any chemicals. Duanwood (which means “original wood”) Reishi is a premier liver and blood detoxifying herb.

Duanwood Reishi Drops - Duanwood Reishi® is a premier liver and blood detoxifying herb. The alcohol used to extract the Reishi in Duanwood Reishi Drops™ extracts important alcohol soluble components of the mushroom fruiting body and delivers them to your liver.

PureTrans Resveratrol - PureTrans™ Resveratrol is one of the great discoveries of recent decades. It is highly protective and blood detoxifying.

Super Pill No.1 - Super Pill No.1 is an example of cutting edge nutraceutical herbalism. It contains the liver tonics like Reishi, Rhodiola, Gynostemma and Goji, plus LBPs from Goji and gypenosides (Gynostemma leaf saponins). This is a powerful liver protector and provides profound blood purification support.

Activated Curcumin - Activated Curcumin with piperine (Black pepper extract) to activate absorption, is a world class antioxidant that has been used for centuries in southern Asia to purify the blood.

Product Description

  1. Spring Dragon Longevity Tea
    • World famous tonic herbal tea
    • Considered by many to be the healthiest tea on earth
    • Based on sweet organically grown Gynostemma leaves
    • Contains six superior tonic herbs – Eleuthero root (“Siberian Ginseng), Goji berry, Schizandra berry, Astragalus root and Luo Han Guo fruit
    • Delicious and satisfying daily herbal tea
    • A powerful tonic tea
    • Double direction Qi tonic – helps with energy during the day, helps to relax and sleep at night Superior adaptogenic formula that supports healthy aging
    • Dragon Herbs exclusive Super-Infusion™ Process (SIP™)
    • Five premier tonic herbs are extracted and concentrated into a paste, which is then soaked into the Gynostemma leaves to make this remarkable daily tea (SIP™)
    • Tea bags for absolute ease of use
    • One bag makes multiple cups
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  2. Heaven Mountain Goji Berries
    • Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Limited time only. While supplies last.
    • (Add quantities of 3 to cart for the discount)
    • 100% Natural sundried Goji berries
    • Heaven Mountain Goji Berries are widely regarded by connoisseurs in China and around the world as the best Goji berries in the world
    • Snack grade delicious
    • Plump, juicy and naturally sweet
    • Herb grade serious – more than a superfruit, Goji is one of the major tonic herbs
    • Extraordinary, balanced phytonutrient content
    • Di Tao from Heaven Mountain
    • No chemicals have ever touched these berries or the plants from which they are derived
    • No sugar, colors or preservatives
    • Rich in natural vitamin C and Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides (LBPs)
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  3. Schizandra Drops, Organic
    • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
    • Premium grade organic superfruit extract
    • Known as the quintessence of tonic herbs
    • Tonifies all 3 Treasures
    • Nurtures all 5 Elements
    • Supports all 12 organ systems
    • Potent antioxidant
    • Brain tonic
    • From Changbai Mountain, Manchuria
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  4. Schizandra eeTee in Jar
    • Arguably the ultimate tonic herb
    • Taoists call it the "quintessence of tonic herbs"
    • Made from super-premium wildcrafted Changbai Mountain Schizandra berries
    • Produced by FITT raw extraction technology
    • Famed for its ability to help generate beautiful skin
    • Supports the liver and lungs
    • Supports mental clarity and memory
    • Mental power, no jitters
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Contains all 5 flavors, for all 5 Elements
    • Yin and Yang balanced
    • Fruit is traditionally prepared for easy digestion, p
    • Supports sexual health in men and women, aphrodisiac
    • A large amount of Schizandra on the American market is faux Schizandra from non-Di Tao regions of Asia
    • Mobilizes all 12 meridians-organ systems
    • Supports all 5 elements
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  5. Tonic Alchemy
    • Vegan superfood matrix
    • Provides incredible nutrition
    • 91 ingredients in 1 superfood powder
    • Superfoods, green vegetables, grasses, dried grass juices, tonic herbs, probiotics, seaweeds, superfruits, garden vegetables, sprouts
    • Fermented (pre-digested) herbs and veggies including Kinetic Ginseng
    • Balances intestinal flora
    • Contains probiotics
    • As a whole, an ultimate prebiotic matrix
    • Builds Jing, Qi and Shen
    • Enriches blood
    • Nurtures bone marrow
    • Benefits hair and nails
    • Chlorophyll-rich
    • No simple sugar, colors, additives, preservatives
    • Gluten free
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  6. Duanwood Reishi
    • Arguably the greatest tonic herb on earth – the classic “mushroom of immortality”
    • Made from organically grown Red Reishi mushrooms
    • Grown in a remote and pristine mountain forest on a dedicated Reishi plantation
    • Log-grown Reishi mushroom caps - not mycelium (which is inferior)
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Tonifies all three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen
    • Traditionally used to promote the growth of wisdom
    • Supports immune functions, the liver and the brain
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  7. Duanwood Reishi Drops
    • “Herb of the Immortals”
    • Made with organically grown cultivated Red Reishi mushroom caps
    • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction
    • Mountain grown
    • Grown on natural forest Duanwood™ (“duanmu”) logs
    • Immune modulating
    • Supports intelligence
    • Supports Liver functioning
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  8. PureTrans Resveratrol
    • Our Resveratrol is over 98% pure trans-Resveratrol (not cut 50% like most brands)
    • 100 mg pure trans-Resveratrol per capsule
    • In a base of Muscadine grape skin, which is a source of multiple grape antioxidants including resveratrol, quercetin, kaempherol and more than a dozen other major antioxidants
    • Supports sirtuin activity, and thus supports healthy longevity
    • Ultimate cellular tonification
    • An acknowledge calorie restriction mimetic
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  9. Super Pill No. 1
    • Potentized nutraceutical-herbal formula
    • Contains full doses of Goji LBPs and Gynostemma gypenosides
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Superior adaptogen that supports healthy aging
    • Supports cardiovascular, immune and liver functions
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  10. Activated Curcumin -- 100 g
    • Derived from turmeric, one of the world’s supreme tonic herbs
    • Activated by black pepper, proven to enhance absorption
    • Major cardiovascular and brain benefits
    • Major antioxidant
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