Dendrobium in Glass Jar

Dendrobium in Glass Jar

  • Replenishes Yin Jing
  • Generates and maintains fluids especially during exercise
  • Clears heat
  • Traditionally known for moistening the stomach and Lungs
  • Nourishes saliva, also known as Precious fluid
  • Helps skin moist
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Product Description

Dendrobium is primarily used in China to replensih fluids. It is commonly used in Chinese herbalism as a Yin tonic which moistens the stomach and Lungs. Daoist sages, the masters of longevity (and much more), have routinely used Dendrobium as a daily tea for many centuries. Dendrobium is especially useful in quickly and effectively replenishing spent adaptive energy. It has been traditionally used as a daily tea to replace spent Yin Jing of the Kidneys. The Kidneys are considered to be the whole body's reservoir of Yin Jing, so Dendrobium replenishes the whole body. Dendrobium is especially famous for relieving fatigue from overindulgence in sex. It increases the sexual fluids in men and women. When combined with Licorice Root, it is made into a tea called honeymooner's tea. 

The Daoists say that Dendrobium nourishes the saliva, which they call the Precious fluid. It can be made into a superb tea for athletes for the purpose of maintaining fluids during exercise or sports.

One last benefit of Dendrobium lies in its beauty-promoting quality. It helps keep the skin moist, and constant drinking helps generate beautiful skin.

Flavor/Taste: Sweet and lightly salty

Directions: Add the amount of botanicals per a recipe, as desired, or as directed by a health practitioner. The proper way of extracting botanicals depends on parts used. Flowers, fruits and leaves can usually be steeped or decocted (boiling over fire) while stems, barks and roots typically require decocting.

In a Desktop Botanical GardenGlass Tea & Elixir Maker, add 1 part botanical(s) and 5-8 parts water, steep or decoct for 5-20 minutes. You can boil water directly in the Elixir Maker. Repeat this process for 2nd or 3rd extraction until all active constituents have been extracted.

Ingredients: Dendrobium

Traditional Function
Qi tonic, supports balanced immune system & function, promotes whole body health
Sold by unit. Fill volume 6.8 fl. oz./0.83 cup/200 ml. Fill weight 1.8 oz./50 grams +/- 10%.
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  1. "I've always wanted to brew my own healer's tea, but could not find where to get dendrobium! Thanks to this, now I can."

    Rachel, Homemade Healer's tea

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