Dharma Patch, 1 patch

Dharma Patch, 1 patch

  • An herbal patch developed, refined and made at the Shaolin Temple in China
  • 17 herb formula perfected over centuries
  • Brings deep relief to temporarily strained, bruised or tight muscles and joints
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Product Description

BACKGROUND — Shaolin monks have been performing Kung Fu (Gongfu) on the most vigorous level for fifteen hundred years. Through the centuries great herbal masters have worked with great Kung Fu masters to develop external ointments and patches to be used by the fighting monks.

The Dharma Patch is the crowning glory of that vast and profound tradition. The same 17 herb formula has been used for centuries (give or take one or two herbs in different eras), tested millions of times, refined to perfection, and is now produced by the Shaolin Temple for the Chinese market and for Shifu Wang Bo, who has been sent to America to spread Shaolin Zen and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Ingredients: Cinnamon bark, Saffron flower, Prepared Rehmannia root, Papaya, Notoginseng root, Dang gui root, Caulis sinomenii, Zaocys dhumnades, Licorice root, Lilac flower, Homalomena occulta, Peach kernal, Dipsacus root, Pepper, Menthol crystal, Camphor, Borneol

Traditional Function
To strengthen muscles and joints, to support blood circulation and the flow of Qi*
Who can use it?
1 patch, 4" x 4"
Apply to clean and dry affected area with gentle, even pressure to ensure full contact with the skin for up to 24 hours.
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