Sweetfruit Drops Cinnamon Bark Oil

Sweetfruit Drops Cinnamon Bark Oil

  • A wonderful addition to almost any elixir, tea or blender drink
  • Made with Sweetfruit (Luo Han Guo) extract, which is a very-low-glycemic ingredient
  • Sweetfruit extract is not only delicious, it possesses strong immune supporting capacity
  • Contains pure Chinese Cinnamon Bark Oil derived from the bark of Cinnamon zeylanicum. This oil is not from young twigs, but from bark that has matured over many years
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Product Description

REAL Cinnamon bark, the King of Kidney Yang herbs!

Cinnamon can always taste great when combined with sugar, but this is REAL Cinnamon, hardcore tonic herbal quality from bark that has grown to full maturity over many years. This kind of Cinnamon is extraordinary tasting but perhaps too strong for most people to consume straight. But here it is, Cinnamon bark power in its most wonderful form. This is the King of Kidney Yang herbs.

Ingredients: Cinnamon Bark Oil, Sweetfruit extract, Glycerin

1-2 squirts as desired
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  1. "I bought these drops because of the benefits of cinnamon to Kidney Yang. I don't use sugar anymore and don't care for really sweet stuff. These drops are great but use sparingly as it's VERY SWEET. I add just a 1/4 dropper in my coffee and that's enough. "

    JB, Very Sweet
  2. "Without a doubt the best tasting cinnamon! An expert blend with the right amount of sweetness. One will not forget to take on a daily basis."

    JEFF, Oh my!

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