Four Seasons

The year can be naturally divided into two main phases: the months during which the days become longer, lighter and warmer (Yang), and the months during which the days become shorter, darker and colder (Yin). These two periods can be further split. Thus, there are four cardinal phases to the yearly cycle – the seasons. Fall is the beginning of Yin (Yin within Yang) and Winter is full blown Yin (Full Yin). And Spring is the beginning of the Yang (Yang within Yin) and Summer being full blown Yang (Full Yang).

We are a product of nature. The four seasons’ yinyang transformation has profound impact on our health. We should take measures proactively to adapt to the seasonal changes rather being impacted or overwhelmed by them. Our Yin-Yang should synchronize with nature’s Yin-Yang. Here are some tips for the syncing with the four seasons.


How is the weather?

If your herbalists ask you this question, they are not trying to be social. Climatic and environmental factors are an important consideration in designing an effective PERSONALIZED herbal program based on your needs, location and time.


Spring and the Liver

Yang within Yin

  • Spring and Liver are both of the Wood Elements. Liver Qi is more abundant during the Spring so focus on tuning the Liver. Wood is the exuberant rising Fire.
  • Rise early and go to sleep late, to match the rising Yang Qi.
  • Liver, being of Wood element, likes to stretch and hates stagnation. Spring is a good time to find healthy outlets for releasing any pent-up emotions.
  • Learn to control anger as that is the aberrant emotion associated with Liver. Cultivate your will to grow.


Summer and the Heart

Full Yang

  • Rise early and go to sleep late, to match the abundant Yang Qi.
  • Take advantage of nature’s abundant Yang Qi during the summer, one can work on weaknesses related to Yang deficiency and see better results.
  • Be careful not to get heat stroke. Swim when possible.
  • Take cooling and Yin herbs to counter excess heat and take appropriate herbs to counteract dryness or dampness as needed. Do not over-indulge in ice or ice-cold drinks.


Fall and the Lungs

Yin within Yang

  • Rise early and go to sleep early.
  • Protect the Yin Qi, start storing it for next year. Do more deep breathing exercises.
  • Fall tends to be dry. Take Yin herbs for the Lungs to keep them moisturized. The Lungs love moisture and hate dryness.
  • A contemplative mood is appropriate in the Fall – protect against becoming gloomy.


Winter and the Kidneys

Full Yin

  • Rise late and go to sleep early. Activities after sunrise ideally.
  • The best time to tonify Kidneys is in the winter.
  • Protect against coldness. Keep warm.
  • Conserve Yang Qi. Sunbathe more.
  • Less sexual activity preserves Yin Jing.
  • Reduce intake of cold food so Spleen and Stomach Yang Qi is not harmed.


The Earth Element plays two key roles within the seasons: (1) during each season and (2) at the transition period from one season to another.



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