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Getting Started

Getting Started


The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step (Lao Zi)


If you have not used tonic herbs before, you are about to embark on a great journey. If you are already familiar with tonic herbs but have just discovered Dragon Herbs, you will find throughout the pages of this website products, education and services available no where else in the world.


Tonic herbalism is a system of healthcare that dates back more than two thousand years. And through the centuries, it has been developed to a remarkable level of sophistication. Today, hundreds of millions of people consume tonic herbs to promote their health. Tonic herbs have proactive benefits for the body and mind, helping to optimize natural body functions and structures.


The good news


The good news is that there are many great tonic herbs and herbal formulations. Many of the tonic herbs are from Asia, where the system was developed. However, tonic herbs are not proprietary to China, Japan or Korea. Tonic herbs are collected in many regions of the world, including America, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, South America, and even the oceans.  As you get fully into tonic herbalism, you will come to feel like a “kid in a candy shop” when you review the range of products offered by Dragon Herbs (


However, at first you may find the subject a bit daunting. There are simply so many great things to choose from. The big question is: “How do I get started?”


Here are some guidelines to help you on your way to understanding and utilizing tonic herbs.


We know that you are not really interested in products – you’re interested in benefits. You want herbs that will really help you achieve your health and life goals. We do everything we can to explain the known benefits of tonic herbs. This web site is loaded with information that can help you make wise decisions and choices. We encourage you to become fully educated in the use of herbs and superfoods – especially to tonic herbs.


First things first


We are a full service herb company. We are not just another virtual company selling only on the web. Dragon Herbs has stores and a call center with highly trained professional herbalists.


This web site provides you with an opportunity to study the principles of Chinese tonic herbalism. You can also review a great many herbal products and herbal programs.


Most people like to flip through the website in their own intuitive way to see what we offer in terms of content and products. You will find this approach interesting and enlightening.


After you have taken the freelance approach for a while, we highly recommend that you spend some time studying the principles of Chinese tonic herbalism. You will find a fairly thorough introduction to the most important principles in the “Herbalism & Philosophy” section of the web site (major tab at the top of the web site).


With this introduction, you will have a very good basis for making some very good decisions as to which products apply to your wants and needs.


Herbal Selection


Dragon Herbs produces a variety of “lines” of herbal products. Since most of our “lines” are composed of formulations that are broadly usable by a very wide range of customers, you can feel comfortable choosing most products without having to consult an herbalist. However, if you have specific concerns, you may certainly take advantage of our herbal professionals during the hours we are open.


If you under medical care, if you are on medication for a medical problem, if you are pregnant or lactating, or if you are experiencing symptoms that cause you concern, please consult you physician before using any herbal product. You may also consult with our herbalists, who will provide responsible guidance.


Your First Order


Some people feel comfortable ordering one or two products that they are familiar with. Others order a range of products that interest them after reading the descriptions on the web site.


The real goal is to build a “program” composed of a range of formulations that build the “three treasures.” You can learn about the three treasures in the “Herbalism & Philosophy” section of the web site. By building a program of herbs that replenish and support the three treasures, you are supporting the major functions of the body and mind.


  • Select a Jing tonic product or formulation that seems to fit your needs. Jing tonics provide deep long term reserve energy

  • Select one or two Qi tonic products. Qi tonics improve over-all functioning, adaptability, ability to handle stress, energy and help regulate immune activity.

  • Select a Shen tonic. If you are not highly stressed, choose one of the Reishi mushroom products.

  • Check out the products that are good for everyone, like our Heaven Mountain Goji Berries, Hermit Mix, Xylitol toothpaste, Healthy Vinegar (yum), and especially Spring Dragon Longevity Tea (the healthiest tea on earth – and it tastes great).


If you have any questions, send us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.




Give us a call on our toll-free line.


Don’t be shy. During our working hours, we always have very professional herbalists logged in ready to take your call. If all our herbalists are busy, one will call you back in a matter of minutes or at your disposal. Our tonic herbalists will answer your questions, explain the herbs and products and will even clarify any questions you have concerning safety of the herbs and the principles of tonic herbalism.


When you call in and talk to an herbalist, they will need to get some basic information first. Then you can have your conversation.


We recommend strongly that if you are genuinely interested in building a tonic program suited to your needs, that you call in a schedule a “full consultation.” An herbalist will explain the three treasures system and will help you figure out what kind of program you should be on. Herbal consultations are always FREE of charge, except with Ron Teeguarden, who provides consultations on a limited basis for a fee.




If you live in the Los Angeles area, feel free to walk into one of our emporiums and talk to a tonic herbalist in person. We’re here to help you find you way in this remarkable health art.


Note: We do have some imitators on the web, but no one provides the consultation services provided by dealing with Dragon Herbs directly.



'This section provides suggestions to assist you in getting started with a Chinese Tonic Herbal Program. Several simple, yet comprehensive, programs are described, with specific formulas recommended for you to build your own program.'