Ginseng Sweetfruit Oil

Ginseng Sweetfruit Oil

  • Made with Sweetfruit extract, which is a very-low-glycemic ingredient derived from Luo Han Guo fruit
  • Sweetfruit extract is not only delicious, it possesses strong immune supporting capacity
  • This liquid product contains Ginseng Oil extracted from Ginseng roots and berries
  • Amazing Ginseng taste, but very sweet (but almost zero calories)
  • Add to smoothies, soups, or consume straight into your mouth
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Product Description

Ginseng is the primary Qi tonic of World Herbalism. For mental and physical energy, adaptability, resistance to stress.

Ingredients: Ginseng oil, Sweetfruit extract, Glycerin

2oz (60ml)
Other Ingredients
Vegetable glycerin
1-2 squirts as desired
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