Ginseng Tonic Bliss Tea

Ginseng Tonic Bliss Tea

  • Delicious and powerful blend of Ginseng with spices, flowers and fruits
  • Ginseng is the “king of herbs”
  • World’s premier adaptogenic tonic herb
  • Suited to women and men, young and old
  • Great aroma, bold fruity flavor, lightly sweet with hints of bitters and a tart finish
  • Comes in a beautiful wooden textured jar
  • Perfect for DBG (Desktop Botanical Garden™ brewing and serving system)
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Product Description

Ginseng is the “king of herbs,” but is suited to women and men, young and old. Boosts Qi. Blended with beautiful tasting spices, flowers and fruits, it is delicious and powerful.

Aroma and Flavor — Bold fruity flavor, lightly sweet with hints of bitters and a tart finish. Great aroma!

Ingredients: Chinese Ginseng root, Hibiscus, Apple, Peach, Apricot, Marigold, Papaya, Luo Han Guo fruit

Traditional Function
Optimal adaptogenic Qi support for body and mind
Who can use it?
3 oz. (85g)
Other Ingredients
Natural flavor
2-3 teaspoons in 12 oz of hot water.
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