Goji Elixir in Retort Pouch

Goji Elixir in Retort Pouch

  • Ready-to-drink happy fruit
  • Radiant health is only a snip-and-pour away
  • Made purely of Goji and purified alkaline water
  • Amazing taste with all the benefits!
Item No: 743
Product Description

All the benefits of Goji in a 2:1 liquid concentrate. May be drank alone, used as a drink base or added to recipes, smoothies, cooking and any other liquid.

Ingredients: Goji berries.

Traditional Function
Builds blood, tonifies Jing and Qi, enhances Shen, benefits the eyes, benefits mood
Who can use it?
7 pouches, 4 fl. oz. each
Other Ingredients
Purified Alkaline Water
1 pouch per serving with 8-12 oz. of liquid of choice
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