Goji To-Go 1oz

Goji To-Go 1oz

  • Ready-to-go packets of juicy Heaven Mountain Goji berries
  • Take them with you
  • Super sweet Goji berries
  • Give them to the kids
  • Keep them in your desk
Item No: 695
Product Description

A one-ounce single serving of Heaven Mountain™ Goji Berries, in a convenient, travel-size packet, meets your daily needs for this super tonic herb.

Ingredients: Heaven Mountain Goji berries

Traditional Function
Builds bloods, tonifies Jing and Qi, enhances Shen, benefits the yes, benefits mood.
Who can use it?
Raw Herb
1 oz. (28 g)
Take 1-2 packs a day or as desired.
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