Health Programs A-Z

Tonic herbs and superfoods can be used to support optimum health, well-being, happiness, success and longevity. Achieving these big life goals in life is of course a little complex – a combination of science, art, experience, will power, application and wisdom. We believe it makes the process easier if we break the biggest goals into more specific health topics.

We want to help you develop a fantastic herbal and superfood “program” composed of a comfortable range of products that supports your biggest goals, and that fits your current and long term personal interests, needs, longings based on your inherent weaknesses and strengths. We can also provide guidance into products that help you with your near-term goals.

We have identified 65 “health topics” that you can explore, and that we think will help you choose herbs, superfoods, nutraceuticals and teas wisely. Remember, the Art of Life Cultivation is based on supporting your Three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen. When you have an abundance of these Three Treasures, you will be able to achieve the fundamental big goals of your life: glowing health, a sense of well-being, real happiness, tremendous success in your endeavors and in life, and ultimately the wisdom that is the highest achievement of a being human.



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