Healthy Vinegar 5.33 fl. oz.

Healthy Vinegar 5.33 fl. oz.

  • Amazing special “healthy vinegar” made by a traditional method
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Great tasting premium aged vinegar (similar to balsamic vinegar)
  • Contains heart-healthy Chinese tonic herbs and ingredients
  • Consume daily for glowing health
  • 1000-year production history in the same village
  • Used as a tonic and in cuisine
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Product Description

For centuries, a small town in central China has been famous as the origin of the most delicious vinegar in China. One of its famous vinegars contains heart-healthy ingredients, including important Chinese herbs. This particular vinegar, simply called “Healthy Vinegar” in China, helps support cardiovascular health. Dragon Herbs is very pleased to offer this incredible and truly delicious vinegar in American. Use as a tonic. Consume one-half ounce, two times per day, straight or diluted with water. Or use on salads with walnut or olive oil.

Ingredients: Spring water, Sorghum grain, Barley grain, Peas, Honey, Red Jujube Dates, Peanut, Crataegus fruit, Licorice root, Sugar.

Traditional Function
Improves blood circulation throughout the body.
Who can use it?
5.33 fl. oz. (158ml)
Use 1 packet per day
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