Horsechestnut Extract

Horsechestnut Extract

  • Helps blood flow to the extremities
  • Helps support healthy veins
  • Standardized to 20% Aescin providing 60mg per capsule
  • Blood circulation support for those with sedentary work and lifestyles
  • Supports veins and capillaries
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Product Description

Horsechestnut Extract supports capillary structural health and helps balance blood flow to the extremities, especially below the waist and hips. Horsechestnut extract provides blood circulation support for those whose work or lifestyle is necessarily sedentary, or when movement may be impeded for long periods of time or temporarily confined to a restricted space, as when flying. Our Horsechestnut Extract is meticulously extracted to provide the optimal level of 20% (60 mg. /cap) naturally occurring Aescin, the active ingredient. It is manufactured without the use of harsh solvents under strict European nutraceutical manufacturing quality control standards.

Ingredients: Horsechestnut seed extract (standardized to 20% Aescin) (300mg)

Traditional Function
Vein and capillary support
Who can use it?
90 capsules
Other Ingredients
Gelatin, Water, Rice powder, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica
Adults take one (1) capsule, three (3) times daily with meals or as directed by a health care professional.
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