Lion's Mane Tonic Bliss Tea

Lion's Mane Tonic Bliss Tea

  • Lion’s Mane mushroom is a fabulous brain tonic
  • This delicious tea supports mental power and neuroplastic capacity
  • Lion’s Mane has been consumed by wise Zen masters (male and female) throughout Asian history
  • Also contains premium White Tea
  • Great choice for those who like gingerbread and apple cider
  • Sweet, slightly savory and a little spicy
  • Comes in a beautiful wooden textured jar
  • Perfect for DBG (Desktop Botanical Garden™ brewing and serving system)
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Product Description

Lion’s Mane is a mushroom used by the wise ones of the Orient to enhance mental power. It is considered to be brain tea.

Aroma and Flavor — Sweet, slightly savory, and a little spicy. Great choice for those who like gingerbread and apple cider!

Ingredients: Lion’s Mane mushroom, White Tea leaf, Cinnamon, Raisins, Coconut, Apple, Luo Han Guo fruit

Traditional Function
Enhances mental power, brain health & functions
Who can use it?
3 oz. (85g)
Other Ingredients
Natural flavor
2-3 teaspoons in 12 oz of hot water.
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