Longan 1 oz. - Crop Conventional

Longan 1 oz. - Crop Conventional

  • Dietary Supplement
  • Great blood tonic
  • Qi tonic for building up your everyday energy
  • Promotes tranquility
  • Famous beauty herb
  • Adds luster and beauty to the skin
  • The current batch is a 2018 Conventional Crop which contains sulfur dioxide, a preservative Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by FDA and to which some people are allergic.
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Product Description

There is a saying in Chinese herbalism that "women are governed by blood.” As a result, women generally benefit significantly from blood tonics. Longan is a great blood tonic, often combined with other blood tonics such as Dang Gui and Peony root to make blood-building teas and formulations.*

It is a great Qi tonic for building up your everyday energy. Consumed regularly, Longan boosts temporary energy as well as long term vitality, yet it is not a stimulant like caffeine. It gives you energy while simultaneously relaxing you.*

Longan promotes tranquility. Longan has been found to promote deep, refreshing sleep.*

It can be used to enhance memory and steady the nerves by fortifying Blood and Qi.*

Longan is a famous beauty herb. Longan adds luster and beauty to the skin.*

Longan is traditionally used as a heart tonic.*

Directions: Our Longan is a premium grade that you can eat straight from the bag and fully enjoy. Chew them well. Eat 10 -15 fruits each day, or add them to your diet by sprinkling them into your cereal, salads, grains, vegetables, yogurt, soups or into baked goods like cookies and muffins. You can also brew them alone or with other herbs and teas to make delicious hot and cold beverages.

Ingredients: Longan fruit

Traditional Function
Tonifies blood, heart and Qi.
Who can use it?
Longan is a must for women, a plus for men!
1 oz. (28g)
Eat 10 -15 fruits each day, or add them to your diet
  • Di Tao
  • RT Seal of Approval
  • Sample Available

I noticed some color variation of the fruit, some are darker than the others. Is that normal?

Minor color variations from a tan to a brown color for the dried Longan is normal. Longan fruit will darken over time once exposed to the air. In general, the discoloration does not impact the taste or the quality. We recommend refrigerating Longan to prolong its shelf life.

dried longan fruit

Precautions and Notifications
  • Sulfur dioxide is used as a preservative, especially in dried fruits. According to FDA regulation 21 CFR 182.3862, Sulfur dioxide is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). However, some people are sensitive to it and therefore must be declared as an allergen.
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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