Magu's Beauty Tea

Magu's Beauty Tea

  • Ultimate source of beauty from within
  • Nurtures the skin and hair
  • Brightens the eyes
  • Includes rare Himalayan herb for beauty, Snow Lotus
  • Contains Pearl, Tibetan Rhodiola and Gynostemma
  • Builds blood and harmonizes organ and systemic functions
  • This is an imperial brew, suitable for a goddess or imperial lady
Item No: 702
Product Description

The Chinese goddess Magu is the Oriental personification of beauty, elegance and youthfulness
Magu’s Beauty Tea is a blend of the finest herbs traditionally consumed by the most beautiful women in Asia. These are the herbs that were formerly used by the empresses and royal women of the imperial court of China. It is the legendary gift of Magu to women who sought her grace. This formulation is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that nurture the skin and hair and brighten the eyes. This formula is also excellent for men. It includes the extremely rare Himalayan herb known as Snow Lotus, the beauty herb of empresses. The formula contains major tonics such as Pearl, Tibetan Rhodiola and Gynostemma, which nurture all three Treasures, build blood, and harmonize organ and systemic functions. Magu’s Beauty Tea is the ultimate source of beauty from within.

Ingredients: Purified Alkaline Water, Peony Root, Dendrobium, Asparagus Root, Walnut kernel, Codonopsis root, Cynamorium stem, Chinese licorice root, Cassia torra seed, Schizandra fruit, Snow lotus flower, Cherry juice, Cinnamon bark, Cinnamon twig, Tibetan Rhodiola root, Bulgarian Tribulus aerial part, Albizzia flower, Gynostemma leaf, Carthamus flower, Levigated Fresh Water Pearl Powder, Great Salt Lake Trace Minerals powder, Luo Han Guo fruit

Traditional Function
Nurtures the skin and hair and brightens the eyes.
Who can use it?
7 pouches, 4 fl. oz. each
Other Ingredients
Purified Alkaline Water, Cherry juice
1 pouch per serving with 8-12 oz. of liquid of choice
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