Mexican Crystal Sea Salt

Mexican Crystal Sea Salt

  • Hand-harvested sea salt from beautiful coastal Manzanillo, Mexico
  • Delicate, mild and highly versatile
  • Rich in over 50 trace minerals
  • Moist, fluffy texture
  • Ideal for topping virtually all foods that need salt
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Product Description

Harvested by hand from the sea salt farms of beautiful coastal Manzanillo, Mexico, our Mexican Crystal Sea Saltis a delicate, mild, highly versatile sea salt with a moist, fluffy texture similar to the Fleur de Sel crystals from France. Ideal as a topping for virtually all foods that need salt. The moisture of the salt makes it a perfect way to add a golden-brown crust without drying out the dish. Stir it into salsa, soups, dulce de leche or mole for a savory flavor that enhances every meal.

Ingredients: Mexican Crystal Sea Salt

Who can use it?
8.1 oz. (230 g)
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