Milk Thistle Liquid (organic), Alcohol Free

Milk Thistle Liquid (organic), Alcohol Free

  • Helps protect and support the liver
  • Supports the liver’s process of detoxification
  • Made from ethically wildcrafted, certified organic plants
  • Handpicked at the height of the season
  • The active ingredient silymarin may be effective at protecting the liver from chronic environmental exposure to toxins
  • Alcohol-free processing
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Product Description

Milk Thistle helps protect and support the liver through its active component silymarin. It supports the liver’s function as an organ of detoxification, making toxins more water-soluble and therefore easier to excrete. Milk thistle supports the liver’s antioxidant defenses. This formulation supports normal flow from the liver to the gall bladder, encouraging the removal of toxins stored in the liver. Ron Teeguarden recommends that this product be used for a limited time when deemed necessary or advised to do so by a qualified health practitioner. For long term liver protection and support, we recommend a Schizandra-based product and or a Bupleurum-based product as suggested by a qualified herbalist or health practitioner. Our Organic Milk Thistle Liquid is an herbal extract made from ethically wildcrafted plants (from organic seeds) that are handpicked at the height of the season to assure premium quality. This Milk Thistle is extracted through cold percolation using the purest de-ionized water. It contains no alcohol.

Ingredients: Milk Thistle seed (333mg)

Traditional Function
Liver function support
Who can use it?
2 fl. oz. (60 ml)
Other Ingredients
Vegetable Glycerin, De-ionized Water, Clover honey.
Adults take 40-45 drops in liquid three (3) times daily, or as needed.
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