Mineral and Electrolyte Support

You need minerals, and there are great supplements available that provide proper and controllable amounts of the 70 or so macro-elements and trace minerals that your body should have to thrive.

Macro-elements are needed in larger amounts and each one makes up at least 0.15% of the body. There are about a dozen of these. 96% of your body is made up of just four elements – oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. You get those from the food you eat, the liquids you drink (especially water, which makes up 60-70% of your body) and the air you breathe. Calcium and phosphorus push that to 99%. You may need to supplement these to maintain optimum health and longevity. Another set of 5 elements make up most of the last 1% - potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium. These too may need to be supplemented to reach optimum amounts on a continuing basis.

Trace elements (generally available as “trace minerals”) are those elements your body only needs in minute quantities. Any amount of 0.01% of your body weight or less is considered a trace element. They may be small in quantity, but they are huge in supporting essential bodily functions, achieving and maintaining glowing health, and achieving great longevity. Many are critical to your life. Much of the magic of your life is due to trace elements in your blood, fluids and literally every cell of your body. In fact, rare is the function that does not involve trace elements along with the major elements. All told, there are somewhere between 60 and 70+ trace elements found in the healthy human body. These elements have been produced in round-upon-round of cosmic recycling over billions of years. The healthy human body utilizes at least 40 different trace minerals just to survive, and perhaps more than 70 (the science is still unclear). Here are a few examples:

Iron (just 0.006% of your body weight) is used in your body to produce hemoglobin and myoglobin, the proteins that carry oxygen in your body. Iron is a key element in the metabolism of almost all living organisms. It is also found in hemoglobin, which is the oxygen carrier in red blood cells. Half of women don't get enough iron in their diet. Zinc (0.0032%) is an essential trace element. You have proteins that contain structures called "zinc fingers" that help to regulate genes. Zinc plays a critical role in our antioxidant system. Zinc is also essential for full growth and development. Zinc also plays a role in reproduction. Iodine is required, albeit in very small amounts, in the production of thyroid hormones that regulate nearly every cell in the body. Manganese (a mere 0.000017%) enhances the absorption of calcium, regulates your blood sugar and plays a key role in the production of your bones and connective tissues. Manganese is essential for the enzymes that protect mitochondria — the place where your energy is manifested inside cells — from oxidants. Chromium (0.0000024%) is very important in regulating your blood sugar. It plays a role in the production of insulin. Chromium helps regulate sugar levels by interacting with insulin. Fluoride, though considered toxic if consumed, may keep your teeth strong and healthy. Bromine is an example of an element that the human body can live apparently without, but when it is available to our cells, the cells opportunistically use it to increase functionality of the eosinophils in our blood. Bromine is necessary for collagen-IV synthesis in humans. Your body needs Copper (0.0001%) as an essential electron donor in various biological reactions – iron won't work properly in the body without copper. Selenium (0.000019%) is essential for certain enzymes, including several anti-oxidants. Molybdenum (0.000013%) is important for transforming sulfur into a usable form in your body. The list goes on and on with Boron, Germanium, Cadmium, Silicon, Nickel, Tin, Vanadium, etc.

Full Body Mineral Support

We can obtain many of the elements we need to live from our diet. To thrive we generally need to do some supplementing. Sea water contains all the trace elements. Therefore the sea is a go-to source for trace element supplementation. Pearl powder, sea salts from various regions and sea vegetables contain all the trace elements. Some superfoods and tonic herbs are also perfect suppliers of specific trace elements. Goji (which only grows well in mineral-rich alkaline soil), Mountain Ant, He Shou Wu, Ginseng, American Ginseng, Tibetan Rhodiola, and the superfoods Hydrilla, Ashitaba, Spirulina, for example, are premium sources of trace elements. Ant and He Shou Wu are world class sources of highly utilizable dietary zinc. Dragon Herbs adds trace minerals collected from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, which contains 73 trace elements (minimal sodium), to all of its elixir pouches and to Healer’s Tea eeTee and Tibetan Magic eeTee. Pearl Powder is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium and zinc, as well as dozens of trace minerals. So all products with Pearl contribute greatly to your mineral requirements.

Tonic Herbs and Superfoods with Broad-Spectrum Mineral Content

These herbal products contain dozens of trace minerals.

Broad-Spectrum Mineral Supplements

We offer a several extraordinary full-range mineral-rich products. You owe it to your body to add minerals (not table salt) to your diet. Your Qi, your functionality and your “conductivity” depend on it.

eeTee with 73 Added Minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake

We have added Great Salt Lake minerals (73 in all, low in sodium) to a powerful Taoist restorative formulation and to a profound formulation representing Tibet’s most powerful tonic herbs. These formulations can be used on a daily basis or as needed.

Elixir Pouches with 73 Added Minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake

We add Great Salt Lake minerals (73 minerals, low in sodium) to all of these powerful micro-brewed elixirs. These formulations can be used on a daily basis or as desired.

Athletic and Fitness Electrolyte Support

Athletes and those engaged in strenuous activity may need additional electrolyte replacement as they perform due to the loss of electrolytes (essential and trace elements) through perspiration. Excessive amounts are not needed by most athletes, unless rigorous activity drives dramatic sweating. Moderation is fine. In most cases, the following products provide all the electrolytes you may need.

Pine Nuts – An Extraordinary Vegan Source of Minerals

Pine nuts contain numerous microelements (minerals and trace minerals), including magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorous and iodine. These seeds are especially rich in magnesium and phosphorus. In fact, pine nuts surpass all other nuts and oil-bearing seeds in their phosphorus content. Pine nut is an excellent source of iodine.

Dragon Herbs Di Tao (Authentic Source) Sea Salts

You can obtain minerals from plants and seafood, but you may be shortchanging yourself if you don’t ever add any complex minerals to your diet. Minerals, even some that you’ve never heard of, play critical roles in various tissues, systems and functions of the body. Without them, some functions may cease or become weak, causing a chain reaction of failed functions. Many, many people these days are afraid of “salt.” The fear is justified if we are talking about common table salt – the perverse food additive composed of sodium chloride with added anti-caking chemicals that we grew up with. But we need minerals and SEA SALT can fill that need perfectly, if we use discretion and wisdom. All real sea salt contains at least 50 macro- and trace minerals, more in most cases. Dragon Herbs offers a range of healthful, important high-mineral sea salts from pristine and extraordinary sources around the world – we call them Di Tao Sea Salts™. Di Tao is the term used in Chinese philosophy for “obtained from its original, authentic source.” Some are collected from the pristine oceans, and some are collected in mountains that were primordial sea beds millions of years ago. All are SEA salt.

Di Tao Sea Salts with Superfood

Sea Salt blended with certain superfoods can enrich your life and health.

Zinc Support

Changbai Mountain Ant (Polyrhachis) is rich in zinc. Some of our products also contain Opti-Zinc, a powerful nutraceutical grade zinc that, like Ant zinc, is highly assimilable.


Dang Gui is an excellent source of utilizable iron. At least half of all women in the United States can use a well-balanced iron supplement to build and maintain red blood. He Shou Wu is a good source of iron as well.


We can breathe in oxygen, but a bit more oxygen is valuable when you work a desk job, or you’re your trekking at high altitude. Himalayan Rhodiola increases oxygen utilization in the heart and brain.


Germanium, an immune supporting trace element, is found in wild Ginseng.

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