Mini Drops Intellect Select Collection

Mini Drops Intellect Select Collection

  • A purchase of 5 mini drops and the 6th is free!
  • Mini-sizes perfect for trial and on-the-go!
  • 8 Immortals Mini Drops
  • Diamond Mind Mini Drops
  • Super Yang Jing Mini Drops
  • Supreme Shen Mini Drops
  • Yin Replenisher Mini Drops
  • Zizyphus Dreamzzz Mini Drops
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Product Description

This Mini Drops Intellect Select Collection assembles the critical tools needed to achieve intellectual potency.

Diamond Mind gives the mind a strong immediate boost while Zizyphus Dreamzzz ensures the brains a restful night and relaxes them after excessive and exhaustive thinking. Intellectuals understand the systemic inter-dependency between Yin and Yang and therefore enjoy the balancing act of regulating Yin and Yang. They consume the right amount of Super Yang Jing and/or Yin Replenisher at the right time so as to achieve an intricate balance between the two opposing forces. 8 Immortals is a total package of 3 Treasures for anyone seeking the eternal truth while Supreme Shen may provide a short-cut to wisdom and enlightenment to those who are serious about self-cultivation.

6 mini drops; 0.25 fl oz (7ml) each
2-12 droppers per day as desired or as directed by your helath care practitioner
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