Mini Drops Three Treasures for Her

Mini Drops Three Treasures for Her

  • A purchase of 5 mini drops and the 6th is free!
  • Mini-sizes perfect for trial and on-the-go!
  • Dew Mini Drops
  • Diamond Mind Mini Drops
  • Goji and Schizandra Mini Drops
  • Qi Mini Drops
  • Shanghai Lady Mini Drop
  • Wild Red Reishi Mini Drops
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Product Description

This exquisite collection of formulations supports a woman’s health and well-being from every perspective. They tonify Jing - the primal inner power of the body and mind, Qi - the energy that vitalizes the body and mind, and Shen - the power and balance of the mind and emotions. (No harm sharing them with the men in your life either).

Shanghai Lady is a Yang Jing formula designed for the modern day power girls who desire to succeed professionally and romantically. Goji and Schizandra contains Schizandra, a quintessential woman’s herb. It tonifies all three treasures and it contains the highest-grade Goji berries from Heaven Mountain in central Asia. Qi Drops is a Qi tonic safe and beneficial for all women. Dew Drops is a Yin tonic that is perfect for women. It helps the body maintain softness and fluidity. It is a moisturizer from the inside and for the inside. Diamond Mind contains herbs that have been used for centuries to support concentration, memory and mental focus. Wild Red Reishi is a Shen tonic and it enhances immune functions.

6 mini drops; 0.25 fl oz (7ml) each
2-12 droppers per day as desired or as directed by your helath care practitioner
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