Over 90% of us fail to achieve our New Year's resolutions. Recall for a moment how far you got into your last year's Resolutions. Perhaps this new year is starting off much better. If you weren’t 100% successful or if you see a mountain in front of you, we have the secret to going much further in this new year.

Regardless of the specific resolutions we’ve committed to for last year, we’re all struggling with the same issues that get in the way of following through with our new life-affirming commitments. Achieving your resolutions will require:

  1. Breaking old habits
  2. Getting off your butt
  3. Maintaining discipline
  4. Eliminating light addictions (like smoking, excessive sloth, substance abuse, and wasting time, energy and money, etc.)
  5. Giving up some pleasures (like ice cream, pie, pizza, tobacco, potatoes, whatever)
  6. Perhaps going through some detoxification
  7. Forming a new set of healthy habits

It’s because of the lack of clarity and inner power that barriers like these result in our failing to accomplish our New Year’s resolutions.

This is where tonic herbs come in. For centuries, tonic herbs have been used specifically to support “resolution success.” Masters, seekers, adventurers and neophytes in every walk of life in the Orient and elsewhere around the world have used tonic herbs to support their will power, their sustained energy, their adaptability, their mental balance during stress, their ability to enjoy a healthier wake-sleep rhythm, and so on. The tonic herbs have provided a long-term boost to the energy needed to exercise more and better, the will power to eat a better diet (and perhaps smaller portion sizes), and even to meditate. The herbs can strengthen and simultaneously relax the muscles, improve cardiovascular and respiratory functioning, and empower the mind. Tonic herbs have BIG ACTIONS that can support BIG CHANGE.

We at Dragon Herbs, even with all our experience, cannot help you choose your New Year’s resolutions, but we can very definitely help you make them happen. We have seen thousands and thousands of people break out of ruts and change their lives for the better. The tonic herbs help grease the path to success by enhancing your inner power, helping build strength and enriching your experience.

Tonic herbs have proven to be transformative. Centuries of use by countless seekers of health, wisdom and longevity have proven that the tonic herbs are a remarkable tool for personal growth. They are used to convert vicious cycles into benevolent cycles. And that is exactly what making a New Year’s resolution is all about.

Whatever life goals you have focused on, big or small, you owe it to YOURSELF to support your efforts with a reasonable tonic herbal program that can make it all happen. You cannot afford to fail – you know that.

Over 90% of us fail to finish the tasks, or even start the tasks, required to fulfill our New Year’s resolutions. Many of our Dragon Herbs clients DID succeed with their New Year's resolutions – and here’s how they did it.

Fundamental Formulations to Support Transformative Growth

Will Strengthener

Will Strengthener

Supports will power - the power to overcome obstacles and maintain discipline. A version of this formula has been used in Taoist and Buddhist monasteries for over a thousand years to support will power – defined in Taoism as “the will to become, and the ability to let go.”


Super Pill No. 2

A potent tonic herb-nutraceutical formulation that promotes all major functions of the body at a cellular level. Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ability that help cleanse the body and improve body functions. Contains powerful nutraceuticals like Resveratrol, Gypenosides and Astragalosides to boost the power of the super-potent tonic herbs.


Super Pill No 2

Tao in a Bottle

Tao in a Bottle

This adaptogenic formula tonifies all the major energetic functions of the body. Nurtures all three Treasures. A complete tonic formulation. Tonifies the adaptive Qi, supporting your ability to handle increased stress from change. It also features the super-nutraceutical L-Theanine, a potent bio-molecule that counteracts stress while promoting concentration, relaxation and memory – without causing any drowsiness.


Ginseng Sublime

Ginseng has been used since the dawn of Asian civilization to enhance will power, vitality, natural balance, calmness and inner power. It has been used by sages and laymen alike to promote spiritual growth, and to support our ability to grow as human beings. This extraordinary Ginseng extract is made from organic Changbai Mountain Ginseng, regarded as the best Asian Ginseng.


Ginseng Sublime

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1 Complimentary consultations are available only to qualified accounts with current contact information (email, phones, mail address). Complicated cases may be subject to fees at Dragon Herbs herbalists’ discretion, with prior approval from the client.

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