The Unity of Everything

Chinese philosophy emphasizes the oneness of everything.

  • Humankind and nature are one.
  • All the Organs function as one.
  • Mind and body are one.

Humans and nature are one. The sunrise and sunset follow a Yin-Yang daily cycle that has an impact on our biorhythm and activities. The moon’s lunar cycle from new moon to fullness also has an impact. We cannot escape our relationship with the natural world. We should adapt to all the natural elements, especially all the environmental and climatic factors. Otherwise, external factors such as wind, dryness, dampness, heat and coldness will impact our internal homeostasis and cause imbalances inside our body.

The human body is a unified whole. A human being is much more than the sum of its parts. Unlike western health philosophy, Chinese healthcare avoids the pitfall of breaking the human being into isolated parts: to only treat the head if we have a headache or to only treat the foot if we have a foot ache. It emphasizes the importance of seeing the human body as a unified whole. The body is interconnected in many ways. The primary organs, the secondary organs and their corresponding sensory organs are all interconnected and are part of an integrated whole. Every organ and function in the body impacts every other organ and function. The organs and the meridians are also one. Even the emotions are incorporated into their organ system as part of the Organ functions.

Thus, the concepts that form the basis of Chinese healthcare are fundamentally holistic.




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