Peruvian Mountain Pink Salt

Peruvian Mountain Pink Salt

  • Hand harvested from spring-fed terraces near Machu Picchu
  • Gorgeous gold and pink, medium-sized salt crystals
  • Exotic, glossy, jewel-like look as a finishing salt
  • Well-rounded savory flavor and crunchy texture
  • Moderate moisture content
  • Fantastic as a salt crust or finishing salt
  • Wonderful on seafood, warm vegetables, potatoes or desserts
  • Rich in over 50 trace minerals
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Product Description

Hand harvested from spring-fed terraces near the ancient city of Machu Picchu, our Peruvian Mountain Pink Saltpresents as medium-sized salt crystals of varying shades of gold and pink. It gives a beautiful sheen to match their well-rounded savory flavor and crunchy texture. The moderate moisture content of Peruvian Mountain Pink Salt makes it fantastic as a salt crust or finishing salt on seafood or sprinkled on top of warm vegetables, potatoes or desserts. Try it on anything as a finishing salt to give an exotic, glossy, jewel-like look.

Ingredients: Peruvian Mountain Pink Salt

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9.2 oz. (260 g)
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