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Quality Control

Dragon Herbs Dedication to Quality and Safety


Dragon Herbs is dedicated to seeking out the finest herbal products in the world and providing them to our clients. For over thirty years we have been researching, sourcing and producing tonic herbal products. It has always been our credo that we will sell nothing but the highest grade, most effective tonic herbal products in the world, no matter what the difficulty in obtaining them. We have built our business and our reputation upon that credo.


Unlike the vast majority of herbal companies in America, Dragon Herbs sources every herbal ingredient directly from its original source. Dragon Herbs is a Di Tao™ company. Di Tao literally means “Earth Tao (Dao),” or “authentic source” in Chinese, and it is a fundamental concept in Chinese herbalism, though the concept is widely ignored in the American marketplace, mostly out of ignorance and the price-driven nature of business here. Di Tao sourcing is vitally important to you, the consumer of these products, because it is impossible to make gold from straw. Most herbs used by other manufacturers in the United States are “commodity grade” herbs. These herbs are grown for the mass market and are purchased by herb companies primarily based upon price and a chemical “standard” that the dietary supplement industry has deemed “acceptable and attainable” on a broad scale. It is similar to the way we grow corn in America. Dragon Herbs does not use commodity grade herbs as its raw material. We use only ultimate grade herbs obtained by our own buyers around the world. Our process for selecting these source materials is not based on price – it is based solely on quality – and our standard of quality equates to the word “exceptional.” Sourcing any single herb can be a daunting process, often taking us years to identify the best quality herb to be used in Dragon Herbs formulations. The herbs we use meet the ultimate standards of herbal experts, scientists and connoisseurs in China, Southeast Asia, Tibet, Japan and, of course, America.


Dragon Herbs is a producer as well as a purveyor. We manufacture almost all of our products in our own factories and workshops. We use special, advanced technologies to extract or otherwise process the herbs. We have complete control of the process from the mountain, sea or desert, through the manufacturing of the concentrated extracts, to final production of the capsules or liquids in America. We meet and surpass every standard of the various pharmacopeias and health agencies around the world. Dragon Herbs products are not equivalent to the products found on the shelves of most American natural foods stores, herb shops or sold over the internet. That is why Dragon Herbs is regarded as the ultimate source of tonic herbs and superfoods by people “in the know.”


Because we are the manufacturer of these products, from the ground up, we cut out a whole chain of middlemen that normally significantly impact the price of herbs. As a result of our unique situation (no middlemen), we can provide higher grade herbal products at prices that are equivalent to, or lower than, other herb companies. Therefore, our products are a great “value.” In Asia, the same grade herbs sell for much more than what we are selling them for in America. Again, we have no middlemen, so we can pass the savings on to you.


We consider it our mission to serve as a flagship herb company for the entire dietary supplements industry. We take this mission completely seriously and have succeeded in achieving recognition for that service. Thousands of clients know the difference between Dragon Herbs products and the generic products widely available.


Of course, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” It is the incredible efficacy of these amazing herbs that ultimately wins our clients over to become lifetime customers of Dragon Herbs. Our goal is to aid each of our clients in their path to radiant health and longevity. Dragon Herbs is interested in fostering the growth and development of each of our clients, even beyond the use of tonic herbs. Tonic herbs are part of a lifestyle that is dedicated to life cultivation. It is also part of a process to help restore balance to our world and perhaps alter the path of history by helping reverse the trend toward the un-natural and dangerous use of synthetic products.


Tonic herbs, by definition, are herbs that may be safely consumed regularly and continuously throughout life to support the natural life functions and to protect us from environmental challenges. We believe they should be part of everyone’s diet because they provide nutritional support and protection that cannot otherwise be obtained. We continue to investigate the sourcing, use and practical application of tonic herbs.


We select our herbs from sources that we KNOW are reliable. Before we buy, we send our representatives to the growing site to review the conditions of the site. We have long since learned what to watch for. We know how herbs are collected and grown. We know how they are processed.  Because we are so careful at the initial stages of the process, we rarely have to reject an herbal ingredient. However, in the two circumstances in the past sixteen years where the herbs did not meet our standards when they reached our export site in China, we DID reject them. The herbs you get from Dragon Herbs are the finest quality herbs from the very best sources.


It is not yet possible to make herbal products from strictly organic materials. The “organic” system has not been implemented extensively in China or other Asian countries yet for herbs. That does not mean that the herbs are not grown by organic methods, however. In fact, all of our herbs are grown by methods that would make them certifiable in America. All of our herbs are grown in pristine regions without the use of chemicals, chemical fertilizers, or any form of genetic engineering. Water sources are natural and clean as a result of the mountain sources. Also, many of our herbs are wild crafted, and this is a type of growing that cannot be easily classified as “organic.” These herbs are grown from seed thrown into a natural environment (a mountain forest or a desert, for example) and allowed to grow naturally without human interference. And of course, some of our herbs are true wild herbs (Ginseng, Rhodiola, Schizandra, Snow Lotus, Wild Reishi, etc.). Wild herbs cannot be termed “organic” because they are not cultivated. But they are often better than the cultivated varieties.


Ron Teeguarden is as interested in being “organic” as anybody in the world. He was a seminal founder of one of the first organic food companies in America, Eden Organic Foods, in 1969. He co-authored a natural foods cookbook in 1971 and worked on several organic farms in the 1970s. Clean food, free from chemicals is an absolute necessity in his world. That is why Dragon Herbs manifests the mandate to provide non-polluted herbal products. That is why the owners and executives from other herbal companies buy their personal herbs (for themselves and their families) from Dragon Herbs.


We are very aware of the pollution issues that the world currently faces. Every country in the world (with the possible exception of Bhutan) has serious pollution problems – including the United States. Certainly China, Indonesia, India, Germany, Great Britain and other countries have seriously polluted areas. But we DO NOT use herbs that are from polluted areas. Heaven Mountain, Chiangbai Mountain, the Himalayas, the western (windward) coast of Indonesia, the Catskill Mountains, and similar source locations for Dragon Herbs are PRISTINE. They are not in any way related to the pollution issues famously described in the popular press.


Also, contrary to the impression presented in the press, the Chinese government is VERY interested in purity of Chinese herbs. Herbs in China must meet strict standards and factories are modern and excellent. They have advanced machinery, superb water purification systems, and state-of-the-art procedures that meet U.S. FDA criteria. Our factories are extremely advanced. They are extremely clean. They are strictly pharmaceutical grade facilities. These facilities also meet European and Japanese standards, since they also supply products to these countries. The standards in Europe and Japan are extremely strict.


Dragon Herbs is subject to oversight by the U.S. FDA, the U.S.D.A., the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency, U.S. Customs, and other government agencies. All of our shipments from overseas are delayed at Customs for FDA inspection and possible inspection by other agencies. These agencies almost always take samples for laboratory analysis. We are very proud of our record in this regard, as our goods are always passed.


We do not use endangered species of anything. We are extremely eco-conscious. We pay fair prices to our indigenous suppliers. We recycle everything possible, in America and in China. We will be gradually switching to a new production technology over the next two years that will reduce our carbon footprint from production to almost zero (you’ll here more about this in the coming months). Our factory has one of the world’s most advanced water purification systems, assuring the ultimate purity of our products. All of our products are tested for purity and to assure that there are no contaminants. In the 18 years since we have been producing herbal products in China, we have never had a recall.


We will continue to pursue quality and safety with gusto. The herbal world is complex and sources do change. The world’s environment is in flux and we are keeping constant watch with all of our sources and products. We would not be your ultimate source of tonic herbs and superfoods if we did anything less.