Schizandra Sweetfruit Oil

Schizandra Sweetfruit Oil

  • A wonderful addition to almost any elixir, tea or blender drink
  • Made with Sweetfruit extract, which is a very-low-glycemic ingredient derived from Luo Han Guo fruit
  • Sweetfruit extract is not only delicious, it possesses strong immune supporting capacity
  • This liquid product contains Schizandra Oil extracted from Changbai Mountain Schizandra berries
  • Amazing Schizandra taste, but very sweet and almost zero calories
  • Add to smoothies, soups, or consume straight into your mouth
  • Extracted by SFE-CO2 extraction technology at low temperature
  • Contains Schizandrin
  • Researchers in China emphasize that it is the SEED and its oil that is active as a brain tonic
  • Stimulates the body to produce innate antioxidants, and supports liver, eye, kidney, brain and healthy aging functions
  • 1-3 squirts as desired to tea or blender drinks
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Product Description

Schizandra from Changbai Mountain is called the “quintessence of tonic herbs” because it tonifies all Three Treasures, Jing, Qi and Shen, and nurtures all twelve classical organ systems. It is a love tonic and a brain tonic…what more could you need or want?

Ingredients: Schizandra Oil, Sweetfruit extract, Glycerin

1-2 squirts as desired
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