Sexual Tonics

By Ron Teeguarden


Asian people routinely make use of sex tonics.

Chinese sexual tonics have been found to dramatically improve sexual functioning and performance, while promoting better health in general.

AncientThe Chinese have a mixed reputation when it comes to sexuality. As a result of Confucian doctrine, traditional, conservative Chinese people tend to be sexually modest. As a result, many millions of native Chinese people are somewhat constrained in their sexual practices. Due to political factors in China about a thousand years ago, the full sexual expression of Chinese society was to a large part squelched and replaced by a prudishness that lasted until modern times.

But before Confucianism really dominated the Chinese cultural landscape, the Chinese were apparently among the most liberated and expressive lovers in the world (and perhaps they are becoming so again). For over a thousand years, the Chinese widely practiced extremely sophisticated bedroom arts. The “Art of the Bedchamber” was so popular, that almost all Chinese partook to some degree. And there were many who took sexual expression to its limit.

The instinct for sex developed, in China, into a true art. The Chinese art of lovemaking, like Chinese cuisine and Chinese art, was developed both consciously and artistically to elevate human experience to a sublime level. Not only was it developed to optimize the pure sexual pleasure possible in lovemaking, but for the distinct purpose of promoting radiant health, youthfulness, and longevity.

Sexuality became, in a real sense, a form of yoga, or more accurately, a “dual yoga” akin to the Tantric techniques practiced in India. In fact, sex practiced in a yogic manner was called “dual cultivation,” because it “cultivates” life force, or qi, in both partners. Increased qi results in increased health, vigor and longevity. The Chinese developed specific techniques and practices that were believed to increase not just sexual potency, stamina and response, but health at all levels. Following the laws of Yin and Yang, masters of the sexual arts developed exercises, massage techniques, and breathing and meditation techniques that helped prolong sexual intercourse, promote and control orgasmic power, and heighten sexual ecstasy.

AncientAmong the most important “tools” developed in the sexual arts was the development of a profound herbal system that nurtures sexual energy. Unlike much of the knowledge of the bedroom arts, which was lost and has only recently been re-discovered, the tonic herbalism used in the sexual arts has maintained a central position in Chinese herbalism, the most widely used herbal system in the world. The tonic herbs are powerful, safe, reliable sources of sexual energy. They have been used countless times and have been clearly proven by experience to promote health beyond “just” sexual health. The tonic herbs are considered to be the “longevity” herbs and formulas using these herbs are often referred to by names like “Eternal Spring Elixir” and “Return to Youth Elixir.”


Sex Tonics and Herbal “Aphrodisiacs”

Sexual activity should be a healthful and pleasant experience. However, many people experience disappointment, anxiety, humiliation, frustration and anger because their sexual functioning is below the quality standards they believe they should be able to attain. Impotence and frigidity are the cause of great anguish. Low libido is common among stressed-out people and weakens marital relationships. The Chinese tonics and “aphrodisiac” herbals have been found through the ages to increase libido safely, healthfully and profoundly in both men and women, to fortify sexual functioning, to intensify the pleasure of sexuality, and to help eliminate the roots of sexual dysfunction, frustration and anxiety.

These preparations are not mere sexual stimulants but are great tonics capable of enhancing the health and well-being of those who consume them and are believed by the Chinese and those familiar with Chinese herbalism to help ensure a long and happy life. It is very important to note that the Chinese have not been interested in the quick fix when it comes to sexuality. They have been interested in building true sexual vitality, and that is the raison d’être for the sexual tonics.


Tonics, by definition, are herbal substances that optimize human functioning, improve health, increase longevity, are safe even when taken over a long period of time, and have beneficial effects on the psyche. The sexual tonics that come from China meet those qualifications and more.

The herbs help relax the body and enable one’s feelings to expand. They strengthen the male genitalia and enhance female sensitivity and response. However, it must be emphasized that Chinese sexual tonics are first and foremost designed to improve health.

The Chinese really know a lot about these things. The tonic herbs have been used by literally billions of people over thousands of years. They are backed by wisdom and practical experience that goes beyond theory. But they are based on great principles that have a universal basis.

Sex and Energy – The Three Treasures

Sexual functioning is based on a complex set of energetic capabilities. The Chinese emphasize that optimum sexual functioning is dependent upon abundant, smooth flowing, balanced energy at various levels of our being. When we are healthy in body and mind, this functioning occurs naturally and fully.

Traditionally in Asia, there are said to be three primary types of energy in the human body, and these three types of energy all play a profound role in our sex lives. These three energy categories are traditionally known as “the three treasures,” Jing, Qi (pronounced chee), and Shen. These energies are called “treasures” because they are the very basis of our life.

Jing Qi Shen


Jing, the Root of Sexual Energy

The first “treasure” is known as Jing. Jing is generally translated as regenerative essence, or simply as essence. Jing energy is fundamental to life. It is the deepest source of energy in the body and is associated with our genetics. Jing is also our long-term energy and may be thought of as our reserves of “life force.” In Asia, Jing is associated with regeneration, longevity, youthfulness, deep long-term vitality, mental energy, and the source of power for the reproductive system.

Jing has a direct relationship with reproduction, and thus with sexuality. Jing is regarded as being the root of our existence and is the root of the existence of the species as well. Strong Jing will generate strong sexual function, while a deficiency of Jing will result in a weakening of the sexual functions and in the weakening of the body and mind, leading eventually to aging and to death. Thus, sexuality and longevity are intimately connected from the Chinese philosophical point of view and in the Chinese way of life. In the Chinese view, it is the goal of all healthful activities to preserve the Original Jing, to replace the Jing that is spent, and to increase the Jing that is stored within the body whenever possible. That is the secret to longevity and to radiant health.

Jing energy is depleted by living itself, but most especially by stress, excessive behavior, overwork and sexual depletion. Sexual tonics and the sexual yogas are rooted in this premise that Jing can be acquired and replenished through the consumption of certain tonic herbs that contain Jing. The building of Jing is the secret to sexual power.

In Chinese herbalism, there are a relatively small number of Jing tonics. Jing herbs are divided into two categories: Yin and Yang tonics. The yang herbs stimulate the yang functions of a human being and the yin herbs encourage the yin functions. The secret of rejuvenation and of maintaining our health lies in rebuilding the right balance of Yin and Yang. A combination of yin and yang herbs will both increase longevity and provide very strong sexual energy.

Yin herbs are deeply nourishing. They replenish spent Jing and build reserves that are stored in the body for future use. They are famed for their long-term regenerative qualities. They are generally moistening and are believed to be youth preserving. Yin is specifically depleted by stress, overwork, exhaustion, childbearing, excessive or chronic drug or medicine use, disease, excessive emotionalism and sexual excess. Those who are deficient in Yin Jing tend to be chronically exhausted, and they tend to have dark rings under their eyes, backaches, weak kidney and reproductive functions, low resistance to infection, weak digestion and show signs of rapid aging, including dryness and wrinkling of the skin. Yin Jing herbs are capable of replenishing Yin Jing and building reserves for the future. Thus, Yin Jing herbs are considered in Asia to be the cornerstone of rejuvenation and the foundation of longevity, youthfulness - and sexual health.

A yin Jing tonic herb will build up hormones, increase sexual fluids in women and increase sperm production in men. If you replenish your Yin Jing, it’s like recharging your battery and provides the deep fuel for sex.

Yang  herbs are deeply empowering. If Yin Jing is compared to the fuel and energy reserve, yang jing can probably be compared to the fire that utilizes energy reserve of yin jing and turns it into heat and light. They are famed for their explosive and out pouring qualities. Yang herbs are used to build sexual energy. They also foster creative power, will power and athletic power. The result of consuming Yang Jing herbs is a renewed youthfulness. However, Yang energy tends to be warm and invigorating and therefore requires Yin to maintain coolness, fluids and balance. Yang herbs should not be taken by a person suffering from Yin deficiency because the Yang herbs can further aggravate the situation by consuming the already deficient Yin Jing. If you wish to utilize Yang herbs, build up the Yin Jing first until all signs of Yin deficiency are eliminated. This may take some time, but regular consumption of powerful Yin Jing herbs will surely nurture the deep Yin Jing.

Eventually Yang herbs can be consumed - and that’s when the real fun begins. Yang herbs provide the power, the spark that ignites the Yang energy, which relates to quality of the erection, female arousal, and orgasm. A yang Jing tonifying herb will cause a man or woman to become more active, more assertive, warmer and more expressive.

Both yin and yang are necessary. Some yin herbs can be used alone, although these are generally not as immediately strengthening as a combination of yin and yang herbs. Yang herbs are useless if the reserves of yin are depleted. Unfortunately, stress, lack of sleep, overwork, poor diet, chronic or acute illness and even excessive sexual activity (that is, activity beyond a person’s current capacity) can all result in the depletion of yin and yang Jing. Therefore, in building sexual energy in its true sense, one should attempt to regulate one’s life so that the causes of yin and yang Jing deficiency are eliminated.


Qi, Our Physical Vitality

The second treasure is known as Qi (pronounced Chee). Qi is translated as vitality. Qi is the energy of life that we acquire through breathing and eating and manifests as our day-to-day vitality. It is the physical energy we use to have sex.

Qi tonics play a very important role in sex. It is not enough to have hormonal power and strong libido. If you lack vitality and endurance, your experience may easily fall short simply as a result of fatigue (“pooping out”). Qi tonics also build the immune system, an important function to consider when you are in such intimate contact with another human being.


Shen, the Root of Love

The third treasure is called Shen. Though there is no precise translation for Shen, it is often translated as Spirit. Shen is the vitality and stability of the mind and of the human spirit. Shen is the consciousness, the compassion, the forgiveness and the unconditional love that rises above “for and against.” Shen opens your heart to love. Shen can manifest as the deep emotions of love for your sexual partner.

If you are interested only in the physical sex, you don’t need to incorporate Shen-building formulas into your herbal program. But if you are interested in building a loving relationship with your sexual partner, with the sex being an important part, adding a Shen-opening formula to your Jing-building program can help you develop and maintain a loving, romantic and extremely harmonious relationship.

A person who is kind, generous and giving and who has a big heart is said to have a lot of Shen. Certain herbs have been found through the centuries to enhance this Shen energy or the ability to develop it. Shen tonics generally have a mild calming and up-lifting quality. When combined into an herbal program that is taken daily, Shen tonics will have profound effects on our state of mind and body. The “art of love” in China is ultimately all about using sex to help develop Shen.

What about Viagra and Cialis?

Millions of men are now using the sexually stimulating drugs Viagra and Cialis. These drugs may promote stronger erections, but they certainly do not replenish Jing or Qi. They also have side effects that tonic herbs do not have. If you use Viagra or Cialis to have sex, it would be very wise to explore the tonic herbs. Jing tonics will build Yin and Yang Jing and help retain youthfulness. Qi tonics give you energy and endurance and help protect you by building your immune system. Honeymooner’s Tea will help you recover and replenish your Jing so that you can rebound more quickly. Men who take high quality tonic herbs and have abundance of Yin and Yang Jing generally do not require Viagra.


Sex and Aging

Sexual energy is a reflection of youthful vigor. It is possible to remain sexually active deep into life. True sexual tonics can play a major role in maintaining healthy hormonal levels and physical stamina. Jing, the root of sexual energy also control a number of other primary human functions such as the mind, the physical structure, and our sense organs. Therefore, in the Far East sexual tonics are also considered anti-aging tonics. Return to Youth Formula, for example, is considered to be a youth-preserving formula first and a sexual tonic as a positive side effect. Protecting and replenishing Jing is the secret of longevity.


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