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  1. Love Goddess Elixir
  2. Magu's Secret
  3. Magu's Treasure
    Magu's Treasure
    • Premium women's tonic for women
    • Ultimate female beauty tonic
    • Composed of highly prized herbal substances
    • Supports healthy beautiful aging
    • Enriches the skin
    • Contains Pure Pearl powder, Deer Antler tips, Deer Placenta, Royal Jelly powder, Schizandra berry, Dang Gui root, Longan fruit and 4 other premium tonic herbs
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  4. Microcosmic Orbit
  5. Mini Drops Athlete's Collection
  6. Mini Drops Beauty Collection
  7. Mini Drops Family Collection
  8. Mini Drops Grounded Coffee® Collection
  9. Mini Drops Longevity Collection
  10. Mini Drops Sweet Collection
    Mini Drops Sweet Collection
    • A purchase of 5 mini drops and the 6th is free!
    • A low-calorie sweetening agent with tonic benefits.*
    • Made with Monk Fruit (a.k.a. Luo Han Guo).
    • 1.5-2 ml (about 2-3 dropperful) of Sweetfruit equals the sweetness of 1 tsp of sugar.
    • Negligible effect on blood sugar level.*
    • Luo Han Guo is traditionally used to sooth the throat and moisten the lungs.*
    • Supports normal immune functions.*
    • Great tasting. Zero aftertaste unlike Stevia.
    • Safe for children and adults.*
    • Mini-sizes perfect for trial and on-the-go!
    • Sweetfruit Mini Drops
    • Sweetfruit Mini Drops Zen
    • Sweetfruit Mini Drops Zen with Lime Oil
    • Sweetfruit Mini Drops Cinnamon Bark Oil
    • Sweetfruit Mini Drops Dang Gui Oil
    • Sweetfruit Mini Drops Ginger Oil
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