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  1. Longan eeTee in Jar
    Longan eeTee in Jar
    • Powdered instant tea made 100% from Asia's iconic superfruit
    • Traditional blood tonic
    • A primary beauty herb
    • Delicious and unique
    • Extracted by FITT technology to dissolve instantly in hot or cold water or beverage
    • Longan has a thousand-year reputation as a sex tonic for women (no problem for men to consume)
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  2. Longan Fruit Drops
  3. Longan Fruit Mini Drops
  4. Love Goddess Elixir
  5. Magu's Secret
  6. Magu's Treasure
    Magu's Treasure
    • Premium women's tonic for women
    • Ultimate female beauty tonic
    • Composed of highly prized herbal substances
    • Supports healthy beautiful aging
    • Enriches the skin
    • Contains Pure Pearl powder, Deer Antler tips, Deer Placenta, Royal Jelly powder, Schizandra berry, Dang Gui root, Longan fruit and 4 other premium tonic herbs
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  7. Microcosmic Orbit
  8. Mini Drops Athlete's Collection
  9. Mini Drops Beauty Collection
  10. Mini Drops Family Collection
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