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SizesDragon Herbs is an elite American purveyor of functional mushroom products. Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden, the co-founder of Dragon Herbs with his wife Yanlin Teeguarden, has been providing superior quality functional mushroom products since 1974. Ron wrote the first English language book on Chinese Tonic Herbalism, published in 1982, which featured several major healthy aging mushrooms. Ron Teeguarden has been recognized as the “Father of Chinese Tonic Herbalism in America.”

Dragon Herbs, founded in 2000, provides a wide range of connoisseur-grade mushroom products, including wild and mountain grown Reishi Mushrooms, wild and cultured Himalayan Cordyceps, Chaga Mushroom extracts from genuine Siberian Chaga (considered the best in the world), organically grown maitake and shitake extracts, organically grown Brazilian Agaricus mushroom extract, and more than forty other remarkable tonic mushrooms from around the world. All are reliably, socially responsibly, and sustainably sourced from geo-authentic (Di Tao) resources. Our major mushrooms have been DNA certified to be the authentic species described and referenced in the scientific literature. All are tested multiple times for purity, potency, authenticity, and cleanliness.

Dragon Herbs is NOT a hothouse-based mushroom factory. Mycelium is almost never used because most traditional cultures, now supported by volumes of modern research which has confirmed that the fruiting bodies (mushrooms) are where the life-enhancing properties are found. Every mushroom used is grown in its natural environment far from pollution and on pure spring water, wherever that may be in the world, and is grown naturally without any chemicals or exposure to any contaminants.

Most of our mushroom products are extracted by cutting edge technologies that preserve the original chemistry of the mushroom while dramatically enhancing bio-availability of the bioactive components naturally inherent in the mushroom. Unlike virtually every other dietary supplement company in America, we do not use “commercial-grade” materials. Every mushroom we use is connoisseur-Grade A or beyond. This should result in a much higher cost, but because we have our own deep roots throughout Asia, including our farms, collectors, buyers, and production facilities in six Asian countries, we offer our “connoisseur-grade customers” quality beyond that possible from herb brands that are solely based in America and base their products on low materials cost. Our mushroom products are offered at similar or better prices than most other brands for far superior quality.


Ron and Yanlin


Ron Teeguarden and Taoist Master Sung Jin Park


Master SJPWhen Ron was a young man, he studied with a great Taoist Master who was also a Master of Asian tonic herbs and mushrooms. Master Sung Jin Park emphasized from day one to Ron that herbs have different effects based on quality, source, intention, care in collection and production, and upon the way they are used. Master Park taught the Taoist paradigm of the Three Treasures, the three primary types of energy in the human body known as Jing (life force, reserve energy), Qi (vitality, resilience, immunity) and Shen (mental, emotional, and spiritual power). These Three Treasures determine one’s health, happiness, well-being, wisdom, and longevity. They are generally dissipated as one ages or experiences the stresses of life. However, they can be maintained and even expanded by consuming certain tonic herbs. Many of these so-called “tonic herbs” are actually fungi. Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden has been consuming tonic mushrooms himself for over fifty years. When Ron produces a mushroom product, it is for his own personal consumption as well as for all the friends, family, and customers that share in the bounty.

Master Park taught Ron many principles of Taoism and Taoist living. But one particular principle has provided a basis for Ron’s business philosophy for his entire life. This fundamental rule of tonic herbalism that Tao Master Park taught to Ron was:

When it comes to the herbs you consume, ALWAYS consume the best that you can get. This is because these tonic herbs (including many tonic fungi) provide, replenish and expand your Three Treasures. Only these herbs have this capacity to replenish Jing, Qi, and Shen. The quality of a tonic herb is fundamentally determined by the how much of the Three Treasures it contains. A low quality herb or mushroom will contain little or no Treasure. A medium quality herb will contain some, and a superior quality tonic herb or tonic mushroom will contain an abundance of the Treasures, which can help a person establish and maintain Glowing Health (define by Taoists as Health Beyond Danger) and healthy longevity. It is far better to take a little of a superior herb than to take a large quantity of an inferior version of the same herb. Therefore, you should ALWAYS use only the highest quality herbs you can obtain.”

Ron bases his entire herbal business model on this Taoist ideal. It is the supreme rule of Dragon Herbs: “Only use the best.” So, when it comes to consuming tonic (functional) mushrooms, please step up to the superior quality of Dragon Herbs. Quality determines efficacy. Efficacy determines how your life will manifest now and for decades to come.


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  1. Wild Red Reishi Drops – 8 oz
  2. Wild Siberian Chaga
  3. Super Pill No. 1
  4. Perilla Clear
  5. Cultured Cordyceps Drops
  6. Cultured Cordyceps Mini Drops
  7. Cultured Cordyceps - Munchable Cordyceps
  8. Cordyceps
    • Superior quality Cordyceps sinensis mycelium powder in capsules
    • Potent source of cordycepin, the main active constituent of Cordyceps
    • Supports energy production
    • Supports sexual functions in men and women
    • Supports the immune system
    • World class Qi and Jing tonic
    • Excellent for athletes, mountain climbers and all driven individuals
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  10. Tao in a Bottle

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