Tibetan Treasure in Retort Pouch

Tibetan Treasure in Retort Pouch

  • Extraordinary Himalayan and Chinese tonic herbs
  • Powerful long-term tonic benefits
  • Instant energy
  • Profound mental clarity
  • Supports enhanced respiration and metabolism
  • Yoga support
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Product Description

Energy boosting elixir

Tibetan Magic is a unique, anti-aging, adaptogenic, energy drink designed for creative individuals. It increases oxygen supplies in the blood, which directly affects both physical and mental energy. It lifts the spirit, calms the nerves, clears the senses and generally lifts life-experience to another level. It is a blend of Tibetan and Chinese tonic herbs that have both immediate and long term health benefits. The main ingredient is the incredible Tibetan tonic herb known as Rhodiola Sacra, revered as the most sacred herb of Tibet. This herb increases concentration and memory, increases physical endurance and is said to improve sexual performance and enjoyment. Tibetan Magic is blended with other super-tonic herbs and with wild cherry juice (a powerful antioxidant) and may be served warm as a one or two ounce shot.*

Ingredients: Goji berries, Tibetan Rhodiola root, Cistanche stem, Hawthorn fruit, Gynostemma leaf, Eleuthero root, Cornus fruit, Prepared He Shou Wu root, Schizandra fruit, Astragalus root, Great Salt Lake Trace Minerals powder, Luo Han Guo fruit.

Traditional Function
Enhance oxygen intake ability.
Who can use it?
7 pouches, 4 fl. oz. each
Other Ingredients
Purified Alkaline Water, Cherry juice
1 pouch per serving with 8-12 oz. of liquid of choice
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