Skinless Walnuts

Skinless Walnuts

  • Water scrubbed to remove skin
  • Sweet and delicious
  • Heart healthy
  • Famed Jing tonic
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Product Description

Dragon Herbs Skinless Walnuts are a special grade of walnut and have an especially fine, clean flavor. They are special in that they are peeled. According to Chinese herbal tradition, the walnut skin is believed to be slightly toxic and counteracts some of the benefits of the rest of the nut. Our walnuts are refrigerated from the farm until packaging to prevent spoilage. We bag them in small quantities to protect the freshness of the nuts. Walnuts are well-known here in the West as a delicacy. However, to the Chinese, the walnut is an important tonic herb that has significant strengthening qualities. Traditionally, walnuts are said to be tonic to the Kidney Yang, and improves the Kidney’s capacity to “grasp the Qi.” Walnuts are thus beneficial to the primal energy of a human being, replenishing Yang Jing. In particular, it is used to strengthen the Kidney functions, and therefore it is used to strengthen the lumbar region of the back, the legs, the brain and the sexual organs. They are one of the only nuts considered to be a “superior herb.” That is a designation beyond being just another healthy food. No other true nut is included in this elite category of tonic herbs that also includes Deer Antler, Cordyceps, Eucommia and Cistanche. As a Yang tonic, walnuts are used in tonic food preparation to benefit the creative abilities of the mind and to strengthen sexual functions in men and women, to increase physical strength and to promote longevity. Walnuts are also used in Asia to strengthen the lungs and kidneys. They are also considered highly beneficial to the colon.

Ingredients: Skinless Walnuts

Traditional Function
Tonifies Kidney and Brain
Who can use it?
Raw Herb
10 oz. (283g)
Eat a handful or 2 a day as a snack or use with your DBG.
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