Snow Chrysanthemum in Glass Jar 1.1 oz

Snow Chrysanthemum in Glass Jar 1.1 oz

  • Snow Chrysanthemum grows in the extremely remote and towering mountains of Central Asia, known as Kunlun Mountain
  • Snow Chrysanthemum flower buds are extremely beneficial for your blood balance. It is cleansing, protective and cooling
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Product Description
Snow Chrysanthemum grows in the remote Kulun mountain in Central Asia. Its flower buds are extremely beneficial for maintaining healthy blood pressure, blood sugar level, and blood lipid level.  It is cleansing, cooling and protective. Ron Teeguarden uses it as part of his DBG elixir every day. Check out our Snow Chrysanthemum Ice Tea Lemonade recipe online.*

Flavor: Warm flavor bordering savory. Reminiscent of pickling spices (dill, fennel). Bright clarity at top of flavor profile.

Directions: Add the amount of botanicals per a recipe, as desired, or as directed by a health practitioner. The proper way of extracting botanicals depends on parts used. Flowers, fruits and leaves can usually be steeped or decocted (boiling over fire) while stems, barks and roots typically require decocting.

In a Desktop Botanical GardenGlass Tea & Elixir Maker, add 1 part botanical(s) and 5-8 parts water, steep or decoct for 5-20 minutes. You can boil water directly in the Elixir Maker. Repeat this process for 2nd or 3rd extraction until all active constituents have been extracted.

Ingredient: Dried Snow Chrysanthemum flower

Traditional Function
Protective and cooling
Sold by unit. Fill volume 6.8 fl. oz./0.83 cup/200 ml. Fill weight 1.1 oz./32 grams +/- 10%.
Snow Chrysanthemum Iced Tea Lemonade Recipe

Snow Chrysanthemum Recipe Card Image

The popular iced tea lemonade recipe Half and Half is 50% black tea and 50% lemonade. It is a combination popularized by iconic golfer Arnold Palmer and is still sold under his trademark.

Typical lemonade contains a lot of sugar. Our healthier interpretation is cleansing, cooling, protective and tastes amazingly refreshing.

Snow Chrysanthemum flower buds are extremely beneficial for supporting healthy blood pressure, blood sugar level, and blood lipid level.


(makes 2 servings)


  1. Heat 16 oz. water to near boil then remove from heat source
  2. Add 1 tbsp Dragon Herbs Snow Chrysanthemum and let steep for 5 minutes
  3. Filter brew
  4. Add lemon juice and Sweetfruit Drops
  5. Serve over ice
  6. Optional Garnish: lemon wheel, mint sprig
  7. Alteration: You can also replace 50% of the Snow Chrysanthemum with 1/2 to 1 tbsp of Pu Erh tea for a caffeinated version while retaining the functionality of the drink.
  8. Optional Boost: add 1 Tsp. Green eeTee powder for extra energy and metabolic boost

Interesting factoid: Arnold Palmer loved Ron's Ginseng Sublime Drops

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